New Release: Zara Larsson - Lush Life

January 15, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Zara Larsson is the person who sung with MNEK on that song called "Never Forget You". She is a big hit in Sweden, and to no surprise, I have become a fan of her music, thanks to this song, which is so catchy. She released this in June 2015, in Sweden, but the song got released this week on iTunes here in the UK, as well as other music download sites such as Amazon, HMV and 7digital, regardless to what iTunes release date suggests. Zara Larsson does her thing in front of a green screen, allowing the viewers to see her personality and relaxing performance.

Zara Larsson is only 18, and has already had number one singles around the world, we officially have a new star! Perfect voice with a perfect style and image, this girl is going to go far. Sweden is really pulling out the stops, winning Eurovision with worthy songs, hitting charts globally with their singers, they are seriously a country we have got to keep our eyes on, because they are making stars. Lush Life was written by Emanuel Fredrik Abrahamsson, Christoph Bauss, Iman Hullén, Markus Reza Sepehrmanesh, Linnea Anna Soedal and Fridolin Walcher. It has charted globally, hitting number one in Sweden, as well as the top 10 in Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Australia and the Czech Republic. This is a massive hit, and I hope will climb the UK charts, because it deserves to, but the music channels won't promote it that much as this video isn't as great as the song. Fingers crossed this climbs, but I doubt it will. I will be buying the song myself after I've posted this review.

Directed by Måns Nyman, the video fails to keep us engaged, there's no choreography and there is a lot of visual, yet not as creative as it could have been.

The reason why this video doesn't fall flat, totally, is because of Zara Larsson. She really does love this song, and it really shows. She performs to us, to the best of her ability, because she knows that this is all they've got for the video. She dances as if there were choreography made for her, enough to look like she made it up, but she pulls it off effortlessly, and it totally works, you go girl!

I hate the visuals behind her at times, as well as the black and white colourisation. We do not need it, it just ruins the music video, although, at times, it is paired with the song lyrics.

The most engaging part is the start, when she pulls her necklace off and flings it behind her. It signifies the end of a relationship, she's finally over it, and she now has a new crush. A potential start to a narrative that never comes.

Overall, it's a perfect song, definitely a worldwide hit, it just needs more radio play here in the UK, it worked for Shawn Mendes with "Stitches". As for the video, this is where Shawn Mendes' "Stitches" does well as the music channels are loving the video, this one isn't one people would go out of their way to watch over and over again. This doesn't quite fall flat, but the low-budget has totally made this awful, and the money spent wasn't well-spent at all, in my opinion, although Zara Larsson does her best to shine throughout.
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