Liberty X - Just A Little

January 14, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Liberty X is my revisit this week, as I reviewed their worst single "X", which wasn't as bad as the charting position makes it out to be. This one is the polar opposite, as this song hit number one in the UK. It also was used in a commercial for Liberty X look sexy in their number one song's music video, as they beat every obstacle in their way to steal a diamond.

Liberty X came runners up on TV show Popstars. They consist of Michelle Heaton, Tony Lundon, Kevin Simm, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Youing. They have recently signed to 365 Artists Management, but whether this means new music on the horizon for Liberty X is something we beg to differ, where it might mean they might return to the music industry, it might not, and it could be just used as a point of contact. I hope this means new music, the British public love a good comeback, but it looks doubtful. This song was written by Michelle Escoffery, and apparently features no vocals from Michelle Heaton.

The music video is iconic to the band, you think of them, you think of this music video, it was everywhere, which is no surprise since this song got to number one.

The performance side is on point, yet again, this group can dance. Given the right choreography, the dancing would look amazing. Yet again, the camera angle annoys me, degrading the dance sequences, this seems to be a common theme in Liberty X music videos so far.

The narrative side is interesting, although it leaves nothing to the imagination. The skills they use doesn't give us any trepidation, no worries whatsoever. This is something that should've been included. They get past every obstacle effortlessly and we are totally calm about it, as if we know that this is no big deal for them.

I love the ending, I love how they find the diamond, decide to keep it safe, and just as they run away one of them trips and that person just happens to have the diamond, which falls out of that person's hand and down a hole, perhaps a drain? Like, what is the chances of that happening? It shocked me to be fair, I did not expect that to happen.

Overall, an all right video, although it could've been done much better, everything looks too effortless. The dancing is on point, as per usual for this group. Will they ever returned? Well they featured on The Big Reunion, but announced that it would be the last time they performed together as a group, but never say never right?
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