Jana Kramer - I Got The Boy

January 16, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Britney Spears tweeted about this song, as her sister co-wrote it, Jamie Lynn Spears. The tweet in question can be found below. Twitter seems to be suggesting my country music choices for this blog, as only a few days ago Cassadee Pope tweeted about Lauren Alaina's "Next Boyfriend". Jana Kramer looks beautiful and stunning in this video about a boy she used to date who recently got married, she sings the song whilst going through a memory box.

Jana Kramer first came to my attention by being on the Footloose (2011 Film) Soundrack. She sang a cover version of Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear It For The Boy". however, others will probably know her for her acting roles. I don't remember her being in 90210, but she was there for six episodes. Others will definitely know her as Alex Dupre / Alex Whitehead in One Tree Hill. She is currently focusing on her music career, which is definitely the right direction for her, if the charting positions she is getting in the US is anything to go by. But will she make it over here? Country songs rarely appear on the UK singles chart, however country albums do get a look in every now and again. With an incredible voice like Jana Kramer has, I'm sure she'll make it. The song was written by Connie Harrington, Tim Nichols and Jamie Lynn Spears. Although not written by Jana Kramer, herself, she connects deeply with the song as she has been trying to write a song about her high school sweetheart but never quite getting the lyrics right, then this song appears and it's exactly what she's been trying to write. Perfect and beautiful, this track is a brilliant country song that is vocally amazing in every way.

This music video was directed by Kristin Barlowe, and has an alternate ending, which can be found below. The alternate ending extends the narrative, however it adds nothing to the video, and I probably would've dropped a star for the alternate ending video, as it can seem confusing to many. Whereas this one people totally understand and connect with.

Jana Kramer shows off her acting skills, getting into the role missing a past relationship. The lyrics are sang with so much passion that you would expect the music video not to follow through, and yet the video resembles exactly how the singer is feeling in the song. It's just beautiful.

I love the memory box idea, although what would've made this video that extra special would've been flashbacks to the memories she is picking up. However, this performance based video is so full of emotion already. Some of the memories, in question, manages to link to the song at times.

Overall Jana Kramer is beautiful and manages to effortlessly put so much emotion into this song and it's music video. The styling is on point, and so is the outfits. If you don't want to see her live after this performance based video, then there is something wrong with you, as she is putting everything she has into this video, how a tear didn't escape, I do not know, but that would've definitely cheapen the video. I like how she locks the box at the end; the box will always there, in the back of her mind, but locked away. In the alternate ending she takes the box outside and leaves it by a grave, I believe. I prefer the original ending rather than the alternate ending. What do you guys think?
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