Channillo: The Power Of Creatures: A Book Series You Do Not Want To Miss

February 23, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cover by Amy-Kate Brennan
Channillo and Me: Beginnings
For those of you who don't know, I recently released my book series, The Power Of Creatures, on I first came across the website, thanks to Twitter. The founder contacted me on Twitter asking if I'd like to write a series for Channillo. After exploring the website, I knew this was my next step after graduating from university, so I applied, and my series officially debuted on 28th January 2016, the day before my birthday.

The only problem I've had is that my friends are unsure of how to subscribe, and so this blog post is to help anyone who is weary or unsure of Channillo. I love this website and I hope you will love it too.

What Is Channillo?
This is a website where people can subscribe to a book series, where weekly or biweekly or monthly a snippet will be released, either a full chapter or part of a chapter, a short story, a poem, an essay or a journal entry. It allows subscribers to read at their own pace, allows authors to keep readers interested in an ongoing series, and builds excitement for readers as they are able to openly discuss the series on social networks.

Channillo supports writers by distributing 80% of revenue to its writers, By subscribing to a seriers, you support that author directly.

Channillo Homepage
Once you've signed up, you can choose a membership. The three options you can choose from are: a bronze plan, a gold plan and a platinum plan, where you pay a monthly fee. Each one is different and allows you to subscribe to a limited amount of series. I can barely keep up with the four book series that I'm currently reading, so I'm glad I went with a bronze membership.

Channillo Memberships
There is another option if you don't fancy having a direct debit and that is to buy a gift code for yourself. This is a unique idea, where you pay a sum of money for a certain amount of time. Paying this way saves you money and is also split into the three categories Bronze, Gold and Platinum. It is further split into three months, six months, a year and two years. This works well allowing you to subscribe to a series as long as you need to, without being charged monthly. And you save money!
Channillo Gift Codes
NOTE: It may be displayed in American Dollars, but this website isn't exclusive to American readers. Anyone around the world can pay for the memberships or gift code.

Getting Started
Right, now you've signed up, and have a membership, Channillo is now available to you. Go and explore using the home page or the discover page. Find series that are interesting to you, something that you will enjoy. Each series comes with a Series Description, which should influence you into subscribing.

I highly recommend The Power Of Creatures by Jonathan Currinn, unsurprising since it is the series I've released on Channillo, myself.
Series Info for The Power Of Creatures
I'm subscribed to four series, and I'm far behind on all of them. My favourite has to be The Warlock Case Files by Juli Monroe; if I find spare time, I always log onto Channillo and read from this series first before any of the others I'm subscribed to. It never fails to make me laugh, The other series I'm subscribed to are Firewalkers by Taylor Eaton, With Teeth by Jessica (Sita) Sneeringer, and Bad Girls by Amanda Carney.

There is also a most popular feature, which includes Lockheed Elite by Tyler Wandschneider, which I plan to subscribe to when I find time to read more on Channillo. These are the popular series, so not only are they bound to be good, but they're also diverse, there isn't a common theme or genre within the most popular titles, which shows that there is something for everyone on this site.

The most popular series on Channillo, found on the homepage.
Your Channel
This is where you can follow your series updates. Have you caught up to a series and waiting for the next chapter, poem, essay, journal entry, short story? Well this is the place you have to keep checking to see if there has been a new one released.

There's many features I love on Channillo. My favourite so far is the Completed button at the end of every chapter, poem, short story, etc. This allows you to keep track of where you are in the series, essentially like your own little bookmark. This allows me to know where I am when I have the time to read the next one from the series.

Profiles. There are profiles for both authors and readers, this is unique and interesting.

Discover, is another favourite feature of mine, when I've caught up with all the series I'm reading, I delve into here and see what series are available, and what I might want to read next. Sometimes I just get lost in the amazing series covers, they're all brilliant with different ideas.

FAQs are avilable on this website, they're clear and precise, allowing you to understand the website more if you're still apprehensive.

Channillo and Me: Future
I am planning to release the next short story in my series: The Power Of Creatures, within the week. My series is going to last six months. Each story is set in a different place and a different time zone. Read more about the series on Channillo.

I am currently writing a series that I'm hoping will be finished at the end of the year. I plan to submit it for Channillo, because I've fallen in love with the site and how it works. I love the idea behind it all, and this series I'm writing would be perfect for their website, it's just finding time in my life to write the series, since I'm stretched too thin over everything that I'm currently doing.

This will be the website you'll be telling all you're friends about. This is the website you should be going on right now. Stop reading this blog post and click one of the links, or just type Channillo into Google. Subscribe to The Power Of Creatures. Go and do it now, you won't be disappointed.