DNCE - Cake By The Ocean

28 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've had this song stuck in my head all day. The Jonas Brothers are doing well for themselves, Nick Jonas has become a superstar and Joe Jonas has had hits with this new band... Kevin Jonas is just being Kevin. Joe Jonas has fought hard, and finally it looks like this song will become a hit. DNCE perform behind a cake by the ocean on the sand, whilst a food fight rages on in front of them.

DNCE are a four-piece band consisting of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee and Cole Whittle. The band was formed after The Jonas Brothers split. Joe Jonas was unsure whether to release a second solo album or to start a new band, he clearly decided on the latter, which definitely worked out for him. It's like Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas has swapped, because the first time The Jonas Brothers went on hiatus, Joe Jonas came out with a solo album, and Nick Jonas created a band. Their roles have definitely switched this time around, and both brothers are doing well for themselves. This song is currently climbing the UK chart, and as it is played more often on the radio, I can see it becoming a chart hit as it's so catchy. The song is written by Robin Fredriksson, Joe Jonas, Mattias Larsson and Justin Tranter. The song's title comes from the Swedish producers misinterpreting Sex On The Beach, as they mistakenly translated it to Cake By The Ocean.

The music video is directed by Black Coffee & Gigi Hadid. Yep, once again she has popped up, and not as a female lead in the music video, not this time around, instead she has focused herself as the director of the music video, surprisingly. She is the name on everyone's lips lately, she's fully in the limelight, and girl is she working it, and we can't blame her, if we had this chance we would be taking it with both hands, just like she is.

The official international cake fight starts in this music video. A team of girls in bikinis vs. The Fat Jew. The latter makes it seem like he's the previous winner, the reigning champion, and the game begins, in the style of dodgeball, only with cake, that looks scrumptious (probably full of gluten, to which I'm allergic to, but it could've been gluten-free; the dream of a coeliac. Only the dream would be full of sexy guys instead of sexy girls; gay coeliac right here).

There is product proposal by Bumble which is a new rival for Tinder, where girls are in charge because they have to make the first connection (unless it's same-sex conversation), sounds good right, but the reviews aren't that positive, with many users rating it low.

DNCE gives an amazing performance, focus is on Joe Jonas, unsurprisingly since he is the name that will be pushing this band to international fame, plus he is the vocalist of the band. Amazing riffs and beautiful harmonies is what this song has and the actors in the video had one heck of a performance, they pull the song off perfectly, and Joe Jonas is looking damn hot in this video, not going to lie. Definitely giving his brother a run for his looks.

Overall a perfect song that has brilliant harmonies, which will not only get this song to chart high, but will also make their other songs hits, if their harmonies are on point just as much as it is in this song. The music video has taken the literal meaning of a cake by the ocean, and put an actual cake on a beach by the sea, which is part of the ocean, and has a food fight, or a cake fight in this case. Humorous and enjoyable this is a music video I could watch again and again, although would've liked to have seen some hot shirtless guys in this music video too, just to balance it out a bit, but I guess I'll have to deal with Joe Jonas fully clothed, which is an okay compromise.
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