Chart Mondays: Little Mix Featuring Jason Derulo - Secret Love Song

29 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Well this music video has created quite the stir, unsurprisingly since what Little Mix wants is cut out, and instead it's what the management team thinks would work, which it clearly didn't, and failed in so many ways. The back story of this music video is so sad and disappointing, because it fails to relate to the song... But more on that later. Little Mix bring out their Spice Girls video in a landmarked London, whilst Jason Derulo dances to this slow song.

Little Mix won The X Factor back in 2011, they consist of Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. They've recently released their third album Get Weird, that has many songs on there that are worthy of singles. I'm really hoping for "Weird People" to be released as a single. However this was chosen as their third single; it's another ballad from this group, which would've been fine if it wasn't a follow-up to "Love Me Like You", which is also a ballad and didn't perform that well and took some time to climb up the charts, This song has followed suit, although it has been climbed up the chart quicker. Jade Thirlwall has mentioned that to her the song is for the LGBT+ community and the struggles they face in being in love and open about it in public. Jason Derulo, real name Jason Desrouleaux, wrote his own verse which puts a twist in the song, suggesting it's more about an affair. However, Little Mix had the perfect LGBT anthem on their hands, remixed well and it would be played in every gay club, especially during pride, but management clearly overruled. The song was written by Jez Ashurst, Emma Rohan, Rachel Furner and Jason Desrouleaux.

The music video was directed by Frank Borin. A pure performance piece, it should have been magical. There probably is a director's cut in storage somewhere, which would show the narrative that apparently got recorded, since they hired actors to play on-screen heterosexual, homosexual and interracial relationships to relate to the song, but management decided to cut it from the video altogether.

Set in London amongst landmarks, such as Tower Bridge, the video is very reminiscent of the Spice Girls' music video for "2 Become 1". Especially with it being a purely performance music video.

There's not a lot to comment on, the vocals are impeccable, if I hadn't have known who sung this, my initial guess would've been Leona Lewis. Whoever has said in the past that Little Mix aren't great at singing, this song proves them totally wrong. Their portrayal of the song in the music video is heartfelt, but not full of emotion, it's almost as if the girls have been told that the narration has been cut, this could explain why they haven't put their all in this video because their hearts aren't in it, as this is not what they wanted.

Jason Derulo's part is more awful. This is a ballad, his vocals are pretty good, some may even say surprising. Yet, he's dancing to the song, it's a freaking ballad, unless you're going to be slow dancing, then fine, but not pop and locking... just no! His emotion towards the song failed in the video and although all the steps he had been instructed to do worked, he didn't seem into it either.

Overall this video could have been amazing, this song is an LGBT+ anthem whether people like it or not, you could say that Little Mix relate to this song even more now because they wanted it to have an LGBT storyline, and yet that was taken away from them. In doing so the music video fails to relate and to connect with people. Luckily the song has performed well on the charts, via album track downloads only, and although the cover art has been released, the single has yet to appear on iTunes... Will it ever get released? Or will the original video be released with the single? I am literally praying for the real video to be unveiled.
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