Rita Ora - Poison

February 24, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

She's the name everyone is keeping an eye on since Kesha's court hearing. Rita Ora has recently filed a lawsuit to get out of her contract. To which her record company has counter sued. Apparently a mutual agreement outside of the court has took place and is currently finalising. But has this whole Kesha news made Rita Ora that little bit worried? Especially since her record label has a distribution deal with Sony Music. In this video, Rita Ora chooses her poison, is fame money and a hot guy really worth it all? She proves it can all just go to your head.

Rita Ora has featured on my blog many times before, I am a fan of her songs and her voice ever since she first hit the scene on DJ Fresh's song "Hot Right Now". Currently she won't be releasing any more music until the lawsuit is over. Apparently an agreement has been determined and so we probably won't have to wait too long for new music from her, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. The song was written by Kate Nash, Nolan Lambroza and Julia Michaels. Surprising to see Kate Nash, of Foundations fame, named as songwriter. Such a good personal song, I was expecting Rita Ora's name.

Directed by Cameron Duddy, this is a full narrative music video with snippets of a performance piece.

Based around a photographer who wants to make Rita Ora famous, he tempts her to get her photo taken by him, soon enough she becomes something big in a showcase of her modelling pictures, the art gallery is filled with people; she invites one of her old friends, who doesn't fit in with the crowd, but soon wants to show to her that he can too, and so he starts off being photographed as well. Which doesn't appeal to Rita Ora as she doesn't want people getting into the industry without knowing what is what.

There are many different ways people have interpreted the video, the meaning of the video isn't a clear one, the main other interpretation people are coming up with is that the two guys are fighting over Rita Ora, and when they decided they can get on (or are gay for each other, as many speculating people have thought), she decides she doesn't want any of them (let alone a threesome/ménage à trois), she burns her main canvas, and runs away from it all.

Her performance is just as theatrical, it's magical because she means every single word of this song, she wants to get across her message, as well as prove that she is a noteworthy singer, she can sing something much more slower than her upbeat tracks.

Overall the narrative is complete, although confusing to some people, it works perfectly with the song and is totally artistically beautiful. It's well thought out and directed brilliantly, it's something rarely shown, and the message is heard clearly. Rita Ora delivers as she always does, it's a side of Rita Ora we rarely get to see and she performed to the best she could, which made this video outstanding.
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