Transviolet - New Bohemia

16 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I think I might end up starting a YouTube recommendations day, as today I have looked at YouTube's suggestions for music videos I should watch and on my first click I find this, which is an amazing song, a should-be hit, with a great music video to boot. Transviolet doesn't let a dark day destroy their mood, rather than letting the storm cloud rain over her, Sarah McTaggart controls the clouds, keeping them on a tight leash, whilst the other band members walk out of the water and through a portal, they are the new bohemia.

Transviolet are a four-piece band from America, they are the supporting act for Twenty One Pilots on their UK tour, starting in just two days time. The band consists of Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek and Jon Garcia. They have just released an EP and are promising an album later on in the year, they are promoting themselves at the moment, and they are doing a fine job of that, appearing on TV shows and releasing interviews. This is no ordinary female-fronted band; this is a band we all need to be watching out for, because amazing vocals attached to amazing songs is exactly what this band is giving, it won't be long until they get a global hit.

This video is quirky and unusual, no matter how many times I watch it, I'm not going to quite make sense of it. Directed by Ryan Andrews, the video is different and confusing; well to me it is.

Sarah McTaggart gets pulled into the water, by her band mates; as we can only suspect, as they are the ones to come out of the water as she attempts to surface, and they go through a fridge which opens a door to the same place but they're facing towards the camera and not away, and then they go and find Sarah McTaggart and follow her as she rips herself into multicolours, to which Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek and Jon Garcia also do. They look up to the stars and their eyes change. They become the new bohemia, I believe, but it doesn't make this video more understandable.

It is a performance based music video, which Transviolet pull off perfectly. This is a band who has a vibe on stage that will capture you in minutes. I'm actually jealous of the people who are going to see these perform as the support act for Twenty One Pilots.

Overall a great song that I plan to download later tonight, and a quirky music video, that leaves me with many questions, and leaves my head in quite a confused muddle. However, it's artistic, clever and slightly relatable. I wish Transviolet the best of luck for the future, not that I think they actually need it. I predict a hit from this band soon.
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