New Release: Nick Jonas Featuring Tove Lo - Close

25 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

What have I just watched. This literal translation of these lyrics is weirdly entertaining to say the least, and yet it doesn't entice me to watch it again. Full of contemporary dancing and visual interpretation of the song words, Nick Jonas and Tove Lo scrape forward and backwards closer and distant from each other, a battle of feelings.

Nick Jonas was originally in The Jonas Brothers and in Nick Jonas And The Administration. He has set out all on his own and has definitely made a solo career for himself. I am not so sure on this song, myself... I absolutely loved "Levels" and I have found Nick Jonas a very hit and miss kind of singer, so I was hoping for more songs like "Levels" but this one isn't as good, which probably explains why it's not doing so well on the iTunes chart today. Tove Lo has also been a hit and miss kind of singer, real name Ebba Nilsson, and yet she's doing all right for herself at the moment. This song was written by Robin Fredriksson, Mattias Larsson, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and Tove Lo.

This video could've been sexy and it just isn't. Directed by Tim Erem, it's clear a lot of effort went into creating this allusion and both singers' acting and dancing skills were put to the test, however both singers look totally undesirable.

They move forward and backwards on their seats, as if there is a magnetic force repelling and attracting them, and it isn't until their clothes get removed that they're able to touch each other.

Not only is it a good literal translation of the song but there is perfect hidden meaning behind it. As much as I'm not so keen on the song and as undesirable as this music video is because Nick Jonas isn't sexy whatsoever in this video compared to "Levels" and let's not even start on Tove Lo, but she does look better in her feature with Years & Years on song "Desire" than she does in this; I have to congratulate the video on the idea of it all and pulling it off perfectly.

Such an off-putting video, one I both want to watch again and I don't want to watch again. Regardless of that fact, it is technically brilliant, perfectly relatable and an undeniable translation of the lyrics. As much as this may not be appealing, it works well and it fits the song.
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