New Release: Years & Years Featuring Tove Lo - Desire

04 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is the music video everyone is talking about at the moment. A great collaboration, and Years & Years are currently one of the top acts in the UK, Olly Alexander is really paving the way for British gay singers everywhere, it makes a change seeing someone like Olly Alexander getting chart hits and being out, free and open, and although this music video isn't exactly sexually restricted he is a good role model, as in proving that dreams which you fight for can come true. Years & Years puts desire on a platter for us all to enjoy, or not to in some ways, not afraid to make an impact and get the message across, this video is an eye opener at least and Tove Lo gives the video some much needed spice.

Years & Years grabbed a number one single in 2015 with "King" as well as a number two single with "Shine", instead of releasing new music they have revisited this single, which was released before "King", suggesting that they want a higher charting position. "Desire" originally charted at number 22, but maybe with the additional vocals from Tove Lo and a controversial music video that has got everyone talking, might beat the original release, it worked for Disclosure, so it could work for Years & Years. The band consists of Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen. Olly Alexander is an established actor, having appeared in quite a few films and TV series. The band formed online, although Olly Alexander wasn't in the picture then, it wasn't until Mikey Goldsworthy heard him singing in the shower at a friend's apartment that the band fully formed. They are definitely making an impact on the UK charts, and they're one band to keep an eye on. Tove Lo, real name Ebba Nilsson, is one of those singers who will have a few amazing hits, and a few not so great. I'm in love with "Talking Body", however I'm not so keen on the chart hit "Habits (Stay High)". She's not going to get the success Zara Larsson is going to get, but if she fights like she has with her song writing, she can get there. This song was written by Olly Alexander, Michael Goldsworthy, Emre Türkmen and Kid Harpoon.

Directed by Fred Rowson. The video is reminiscent of "King", clearly Olly Alexander isn't getting enough action, it definitely makes him that little bit more sexier, it must be a jealousy thing, but it definitely works. He clearly loves other people rubbing their hands all over him. Who doesn't?

The video continues and desire is all sexual and this video shows this, I have to commemorate it for it's LGBT+ statements as well as the racial statements that the video is trying to make. Love is love, no matter what shape or form.

Tove Lo adds a magical spice to this song and music video, something extra that is needed, her vocals are amazing, and contrary to other reviews, I much prefer this version because of her vocals, it switches up the song and gives it the side we were missing.

Overall, an orgy full of desire, that really makes a statement. Something that should be toned down slightly if it were to be put on the daytime music channels, but a message that deserves to be given across regardless.
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