Craig David X Big Narstie - When The Bassline Drops

05 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Craig David has made his return, and I'm currently keeping my eye on his new music as he has been spotted recording with Platnum, rumours state there's a collaboration to be released soon. I'm excited to see garage and bassline returning, and I'm sure Platnum and Craig David has made an amazing song. As stated before, Craig David has finally made a great chart comeback with this hit song, which peaked at number ten. The video is nothing special, Craig David proves why he should always be in the charts, he has made some great hits over the years and in this video he exudes confidence. Big Narstie proves himself and enlightens us to some of his music.

Craig David first hit the scene in 2000, with number one singles "Fill Me In" and "7 Days". His debut album also peaked at number one in the UK. Since then he has had many chart hits. He's last entrant into the top 40 was "Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)" as well as "6 of 1 Thing", after which the other singles wasn't quite hitting the charts well enough. After a much needed break, he returned to music with this collaboration, and it has placed him back in the charts and on everyone's radar. Big Narstie, real name Tyrone Lindo, has dipped in and out of the limelight, he's one of these names you know and yet you can't quite pinpoint why. The song was written by Craig David, Scott Wild and Tyrone Lindo.

The video isn't something I'd go out of my way to watch again, nothing surprising, nothing engaging, it's just a general music video that adds nothing to the song except showing off the artists' confidence. It was directed by Caroline Clayton.

Craig David is walking the streets in this music video, giving us the old garage vibes that we know and love. In the background we see youths, some are dancing freestyle, others are just having fun.

Next we enter a club where this song is going down with the ravers, much like it does when it comes on in the clubs I go to. Big Narstie appears and starts rapping about a sandwich, which he performs with ease.

Overall, a very catchy song that is bringing back bassline and garage anthems that deserve to be in the chart, and Craig David is definitely the trendsetter to do just that. The music video fails to engage and interest the audience, nothing new, nothing exciting and it's just an average normal music video.
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