The Saturdays - If This Is Love

03 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Thursday Revisit starts right now, and why not choose The Saturdays' first ever single, which is just coming up to eight years old, can you believe these girls have been together for that long? The video defines pop music videos, it's colourful and exciting, this is an up and coming girl group, who look and sound amazing, we all knew that they were going to be a hit, regardless of this being The Saturdays' debut single.

The Saturdays consist of Vanessa White, Una Foden, Mollie King, Frankie Bridge and Rochelle Humes. The girls are currently on hiatus, although I'm anticipating their return this year with hopefully a new number one on their hands, as they definitely deserve more than just the one. However they are currently doing their own side projects, so whether they will be coming back soon is something we'll be waiting on. This song was their debut single, the song that first introduced me to the girl group, and the one that made me start buying their music. It charted at number eight. It was written by Joe Belmaati, Michaela Breen, Vince Clarke, Mich Hansen, Alison Moyet, John Reid, Remee and Ina Wroldsen. It samples Yazoo's song "Situation" written by Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet. The group have stated that it's one of their least favourite songs they've released.

The music video was directed by Harvey B Brown. The girls act like their celebrities and their fan base is waiting outside the shop window waiting for them to perform.

It's full of bright colours, and each girl is wearing a different coloured dress with heels that don't match. It's this style that is consistent with the following music videos, although it's not possible to identify a colour with each girl since it changes in each music video and single cover. However each group member is identifiably different nonetheless so it's not like we have to use the colours to tell them apart.

This theme continues into only a few music videos and single covers, until the group becomes much more famous. It's colourful, eye catching and full of performance vibes, these girls love to sing, they connect with ease and you can see the friendship bonds between them, this group was meant to happen and their longevity proved that. Now these girls are definitely famous, they've tried to hit America and gave it their best shot, even though they never conquered that country, they are a real successful British girl group, and I'd go as far as saying that even though they are currently on hiatus, they are the top girl group in the UK at the moment, but I think Little Mix is trying to nab that crown from The Saturdays, which they are welcome to at the moment, whilst The Saturdays have their time off, but I can see The Saturdays coming back more fierce than ever.

An average music video, introducing us to The Saturdays. Stylish, fun and colourful, very in your face, and it works perfectly. The Saturdays just need to come back!
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