Katy B - Katy On A Mission

April 07, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Katy B is my Thursday Revisit today. This was her debut single, that charted at number five here in the UK. Debut music videos are rarely anything special, and this one follows suit, or so we all thought. Katy B shows her performance vibes as Katy is On A Mission, although what mission it is I am not so sure, apart from giving the club-goers an amazing night out.

EXCITED! Katy B stormed the main stage at Birmingham Pride in 2014 - and now she's back for our 20th year as one of...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Tuesday, 5 April 2016
Katy B, real name Kathleen Brien, is on the verge of releasing a whole new album, that she will more than likely sing some songs from at Birmingham Pride 2016, which she is headlining. Honey is released at the end of April, and is currently being talked about a lot. Whether it will hit number one like her previous album is something we can't possibly foresee... But her singles from the album hasn't really helped to promote it. This was her debut single and was written by Katie Brien, Beni Adejumo and Geeneus.

Directed by Johny Mourgue, the video shows Katy B and her producer for the song, Benga, performing in a London nightclub, called Matter.

A pure performance based music video, with little snippets of a potential narrative, although it could easily be clips of a behind-the-scenes of the concert.

Katy B performs effortlessly, the song clearly means a lot to her and she really wants to show off on her first music video, and it really does pay off. Benga fades into the background, but since this isn't an official collaboration, it makes sense that he does. Although, Katy B swaps clothes at one point, so are we seeing two different performances put together?

The club-goers are clearly having an amazing time. there's scenes in the crowd, which gives the viewers the atmosphere the clubbers received. Other scenes include backstage at the concert; Katy B and Benga being in a car, as well as out of it; and studio time.

Overall, not too bad of a debut music video, we have definitely seen a lot worse than this before. This relates, it shows a close-to-perfect performance piece, as well as giving us a backstage pass... What more could we have asked for, apart from a narrative, yet that would've been much more difficult and would've, no doubt, cost more. A solid, performance-based music video.
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