New Release: Will.I.Am Featuring Pia Mia - Boys & Girls

April 08, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Will.I.Am is officially back, with an amazing song he will no doubt perform on The Voice UK tomorrow, hopefully with a special guest... Pia Mia. The song is catchy after a few plays, I don't know what it is about, he just ends up releasing hits after hits after hits. Will.I.Am dances in this performance-based music video for Boys & Girls, he manages to really show Pia Mia up completely. Stylish, sexy, incredible dancing and perfect performance vibes, wins me over with this song and video.

Will.I.Am, real name William Adams, is the lead band member in The Black Eyed Peas. He is currently a coach on The Voice UK, and has been for a total of five seasons, could he make it six as the show moves channels, from the BBC to ITV? Rumours suggest he might. The feature is Pia Mia, real name Pia Mia Perez, who had an amazing debut single release called "Do It Again", but her follow-up single "Touch" failed to get as popular. Personally, I thought this was the end of Pia Mia, but it seems has come to her rescue, and here she is on his new single... However she comes across like she can't sing all that much, totally the wrong song for her, how could her and get this so wrong? The song was written by William Adams, Charlotte Aitchison and Jef Martensis.

Directed by Spencer Creigh, the video is a pure performance piece, just like "Scream & Shout". Will.I.Am isn't just looking fresh, he actually looks quite hot! In comparison to "Scream & Shout", has the spotlight on himself this time, and it is totally working for him.

I would literally go and watch him in concert right now, a solid performance piece from him. He is dancing in-sync with his dancers, with the highly complex choreography, that may look simple at first glance, but I assure you it's more complicated than you think, and it totally works.

Pia Mia... When she appeared I was expecting a Britney Spears starlight on her, just like Britney in the "Scream & Shout" video, but it didn't happen. Her vocals aren't on point, and her style doesn't scream star potential. She's pretty and looks good, but next to, she fades into the background. Could this be the end of her short-lived career in the music industry? Her vocals are much better than this.

Overall, there isn't much to this performance-based music video, but there never is when it's performance-based. Apart from Pia Mia problems, everything is perfect, the performance, the dancing, the visuals, the music, the style. Will.I.Am has got everything right in this video, that I can't fault it whatsoever. I just wish Pia Mia's vocals were much better.
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