DJ Fresh Featuring Sian Evans - Louder

April 06, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

As soon as DJ Fresh was announced for Birmingham Pride 2016, this song and "Hot Right Now" both popped into my head, this is an act I cannot miss at pride, even if he's just doing a DJ set, I don't care, he's on the main stage as a headliner, so this song and "Hot Right Now" has to be played, as well as many other hits he has released. DJ Fresh's music video for Louder doesn't feature Sian Evans and in fact just shows a bunch of skateboarders and rollerskaters doing their thing.

WHO'S HOT RIGHT NOW? WE ARE!We're delighted to announce that DJ Fresh will on the Main Stage at Birmingham Pride on...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
DJ Fresh, real name Daniel Stein, has been a bit of a hit and miss lately, some songs have hit the charts hard, whereas others have dwindled in the very low positions of the charts. No new number ones as of yet, although "Say You Do" came extremely close. Featuring on this track is Sian Evans, mostly known as the front woman for the band Kosheen. She hasn't done much solo work, however she has written a few songs, which also includes the Rita Ora feature on DJ Fresh's track "Hot Right Now". This song hit number one in the UK, and was DJ Fresh's first number one, which he followed up with another number one hit "Hot Right Now". This song was written by Sian Evans and Daniel Stein,

This video was directed by Ben Newman as part of the Lucozade Sport Lite campaign. It is pretty unrelated to the song, although as the song progresses the tricks become more harder as the professionals show off.

The video is purely performance based, it shows how amazing these skateboarders and rollerskaters are. These are pure professionals and they know exactly what they're doing.

There isn't a lot to this video, there is a continuity error, where a skateboarder has a different coloured/flavoured drink that he is holding, as pointed out by a YouTube commenter. There's probably a few others that aren't that noticeable. Overall it's fast-paced much like the song, but that's as far as it goes. We've seen this done plenty of times before, we need someone to bring something new to the table if they're going to record these types of music videos.
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