Ms. Dynamite - Neva Soft

April 21, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ms. Dynamite finishes off my entire Birmingham Pride 2016 Special as my Thursday Revisit. I reviewed "Dy-Na-Mi-Tee" earlier this week, and it's nice to return to her to end this Special. This song was released in anticipation of a new album in 2011, but that so-called album was never released. She followed up with 2013 single "Cloud 9", but no new solo music was released there after. She has been trying out different sounds for a few years now, and I think she's finally found her place, fingers crossed a new album is on the way. Ms. Dynamite went down a totally different path with this song, a relaxed performance, she is a professional artist.

Ms. Dynamite, real name Naomi McLean-Daley, has had a successful career thus far. She has had plenty of hits, both as a solo artist and on featured singles. It's rare to come across anyone who doesn't know her name, and yet she hasn't released a new album in over ten years. A comeback must surely be on the horizon. This song was released in 2011, yet didn't take that well compared to her other singles. It's obvious this was the wrong path to go down, and I'm glad she didn't rush to push out this album as it would not have helped her career. I am hoping she sticks to the dance/house genre to which she has had recent hits with various DJ's, as it totally suits her voice.

The music video is a simple performance piece, that not only shows off Ms. Dynamite as a performer, but it also shows what they tried to do with this song, although it does seem they've mixed a reggae song with an R&B song badly and it just doesn't work. It reminds me of when you're listening to the radio, but you haven't tuned it in to the right frequency so that you have two songs competing to be played.

There's not a lot to this music video. Ms. Dynamite is relaxed during the performance, she has so much soul in both her voice and her body. She knows exactly what she is doing, she's been doing it for years, and she is performing this to the best of her ability.

There's a few other scenes that distracts us from her set. The dancers are the main concept that doesn't make sense. The choreography doesn't go with the song, and the dancing scene isn't long enough, it suggests that they knew it didn't work, but included it anyway.

Overall, Ms. Dynamite does what she loves, gives a solid performance that will be perfect on stage. She does her best with what she has been given, but this video isn't anything special, there's not enough going on, with more focus on the song than the video in itself.
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