New Release: Jay Status & DJ Sanj - Dhul Gayi

22 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Three hours searching for a new release with a music video, last night alone. PLUS the two hours this morning. PLUS the three hours this evening. I have done a total of eight hours, researching this new release, on top of the almost 60 hours of work I've done this week has made me extremely exhausted. But this blog isn't strictly mainstream, and so any officially music video can be reviewed. I was actually worried I wasn't going to find a new release that had a music video. Stepping right out of my comfort zone with this review, hence the extended research, here's some bhangra music for you all. Jay Status and DJ Sanj, once again, collaborate bringing Bhangra to the stage, no sign of DJ Sanj, but Jay Status shows us he's moves in Dhul Gayi.

Jay Status, real name Stephen Singh, actually comes from Coventry in the UK. He is working with DJ Sanj hoping to revive Indian folk and Bhangra songs with a more western sound. Although he is not well known or popular chart wise, he has a lot of twitter followers and facebook fans, proving he is known in Punjabi music. He has released a number of singles, he's most popular being "Katal Kare", as well as a live album. I presume an official album is highly anticipated. DJ Sanj comes from Canada. He is an international success, having worked with a number of artists. He has already made quite a name for himself, and although he is popular, that isn't going to stop him from releasing music. This song was written by Sabhi Chahal.

The music video as a whole has a good budget, with a lot going on as well as extras. The bhangra dancing isn't at all complex, with Jay Status only being able to dance to the chorus of the song.

The woman who plays the love interest is smiling throughout the video, as if she's not taking this seriously at all, this suggests that it's a little fun and it has a comedic side.

There are three different scenes in this video, all of which look like it's set on a stage. The snow scene is picturesquely visual. The water scene purifies the music video, with some fun and games at the start of the scene. The last scene is totally different, it reminds me of summer.

The dancers are smiling through out this music video, it's obvious they not only enjoyed themselves but they had a bit of a laugh. Hardly any of them are taking the dancing seriously, which suggests that it's light hearted. The entire thing is comedic to a degree and that portrays well.

Overall, this is intriguing to say the least. I did expect a comedic side, from the little knowledge I have from the eight hours of extended research I did for this music video, but experiencing it visually makes it more understandable and entertaining.
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