Blonde Featuring Alex Newell - All Cried Out

April 20, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The final big announcement for Birmingham Pride 2016 was Blonde! This duo has been setting the chart alight in recent years and they are releasing banger after banger. They will be the perfect act on the main stage as they are definitely not short of hit singles. Blonde and Alex Newell collaborate on this awesome track which relinquishes a woman's past love, she's all cried out and is over it now.

Blonde are a house production duo consisting of Jacob Manson and Adam Englefield. They hit worldwide success with "I Loved You" which features Melissa Steel. Continuing on with that success, they have recently released a song with Craig David, "Nothing Like This", which is firing up the UK singles chart. This duo is the one to watch, they're current, they're releasing hit after hit, and I'm sure a number one is going to be their next step. Alex Newell features on this track, he is going much further than we all first thought he would when he appeared on The Glee Project, and later Glee. He has pushed for a music career and boy has he got one, he is making waves on both sides of the Atlantic, more so in the UK. Alex Newell is the name we're all watching out for, a vocal superstar, he is a talent that will reach new heights soon enough. This song hit number four on the UK charts and was written by Lucas Secon, Cass Lowe, Jacob Manson, Adam Englefield, D. McLean and Rachel Keen.

Directed by Can Evgin, and features Louise Monot as the actress in this fully narrative music video.

The story develops as the song continues. It fully relates to the lyrics, as we watch her pack a bag, that contains a photo and a gun. Louise gets alcohol from a store before going to a garage and holding a mechanic hostage whilst stealing a gas cylinder.

The whole experience doesn't make sense especially since the getaway could be easily spotted by any police car. They arrive at a dock to which they get on board a speed boat, and just as I think the storyline has nothing to do with the song, they send the bag on it's floating merry way and shoot at it from a far distance.

This is where the budget was not blown. They spent so much money on everything that leads up to this monumental point, that they clearly didn't have enough to afford a special effects team or an amazing animation team to make the explosion look real. Instead we are left with an obvious fake blast that fails in every aspect. Very unexciting ending, with an incredible anticipated lead-up.

Overall, a perfect narrative video that epically fails at the end, and yet it's still believable regardless. The ending may look unrealistic, yet it answers all our questions and relates it right back to the song.
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