New Release: Anne-Marie - Alarm

May 20, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Alarm - Anne-Marie |

If anyone's killing it recently, it's Anne-Marie, and this new summer hit is definitely one of my favourites from her. Staying cool and true to who she is, Anne-Marie is getting popular, fast. Her sound is unique, and she will be at Birmingham Pride 2016, and after this release, I won't be missing her on the stage! Anne-Marie describes the cheating alarm that rings through her head when she doesn't trust her boyfriend, beautifully replicated in this video.

Anne-Marie is hitting the charts with this song. She has already charted with "Do It Right" which gained traction months after it's release. She has collaborated with Rudimental and Wretch 32, both of which should've made the chart. Now her name is being thrown about, this is one girl who is confident in her music. Alarm will be her biggest hit to date, but definitely not the last!

The music video is directed by Malia James. It features three main characters: Anne-Marie, Romeo and Sirena (Romeo's conquest). It confuses me at the start though, because Romeo has a phone number on a piece of paper by Amelia, is that his ex? Who knows? But it's definitely not Sirena.

The video continues. Anne-Marie looks gorgeous, so stylish, she reminds me of Rita Ora in "Poison" purely because of how beautiful she looks in the video. She is stunning, especially compared to Sirena. What is Romeo thinking?

Typical love scenes happen that do make me jealous. I want that relationship, I had that relationship (for a week and a half, but I had it), and I miss being in that state of euphoria. It's a perfect portrayal, great acting skills from Anne-Marie and Romeo.

Romeo doesn't try hard to get Sirena. She doesn't look much of a conquest, and he seems pretty relaxed about it. The main scene seems like a drunken mishap; regardless of which, it is still significant, and would put alarm bells in Anne-Marie's head but it's something that can be looked past. There isn't enough emphasis on Romeo and Sirena together.

Anne-Marie performs amazingly, the narrative shows off her great acting skills, but what makes Anne-Marie more of a star is her performance of this song. It's such an emotional song and she pulls it off effortlessly, whilst looking stunning. Overall, brilliant performance with a great narrative. Anne-Marie is a star in the making! Watch out for her guys!
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