Bosnia & Herzegovina Entry: Dalal & Deen Featuring Ana Rucner & Jala - Ljubav Je

May 19, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

My Eurovision Special welcomes Deen back to the Eurovision Song Contest! He returns after an 11 year gap, only this time he is joined by amazing vocalist Dalal, brilliant cellist Ana Rucner and hip-hop artist Jala. This was one of my favourites this year, and I'm sad to see it just missed out. It came 11th in the first Semi-Final with 104 points. Dalal & Deen show emotion throughout in Ljubav Je, with the help of the amazing cellist Ana Rucner. Jala adds a new flavour to the mix that feels out of place in the video and the song.

Dalal & Deen team up for this song. Dalal, real name Dalal Midhat-Talakić, has had an all right solo career, her achievement was performing "Amazing Grace" at a concert for Pope Francis. She is one half of duo Erato, who have released two albums. As for Deen, real name Fuad Backović, he represented Bosnia & Herzegovina back in 2004 with "In The Disco", where he placed ninth overall. Deen looks totally different 11 years on, but his vocals have improved even more so, although this song didn't make the Grand Final, it'll be one I will remember. Featuring on the song is Ana Rucner who is one of Croatia's most successful performers. Jala, real name Jasmin Fazlić, has had a successful hip-hop career, releasing three albums both under Jala and Jala Brat, as well as two EPs. He is the founding member of BluntBylon and music studio Red Eye Vision. A song that infuses four different styles of music, and it almost completely works, but Jala doesn't quite fit as much as we all hoped he would. He's rap is better in the studio version than live on stage. The song was written by Almir Ajanović and Jasmin Fazlić Jala. It is sung in Bosnian and the title means Love Is.

The music video is performance based, fully traditional. It represents Bosnia & Herzegovina beautifully.

Dalal & Deen shine throughout, their vocals are on point, from their vantage point, they are watching Ana Rucner below, and later Jala, when he steps in.

Ana Rucner is mesmerising, she's technically amazing, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's awe-stuck by her and her cello. Ana Rucner out does herself in this song, let alone this music video. It didn't quite transfer perfectly on stage, but that may have been Jala's fault.

He's lyrics are good, it just changes the tempo of the song. He doesn't look like he fits in the music video that well either, a total opposite to the cello, that probably always works well behind the scenes, but visually it's not something you would expect. He switches the song which makes it more interesting, without Jala it would have been just another ballad in this competition.

Overall an intricate traditional music video, that definitely is enlightening, opening the viewers into the world of Boznia & Herzegovina, who probably have a lot more to show us, which they no doubt will if they ever win the Eurovision Song Contest. A great performance piece to a strong song.
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