Spain Entry: Barei - Say Yay!

May 20, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Here comes Barei! This was an early favourite, and it is the song I spent most of my money on voting. Here Barei comes on to my Eurovision 2016 Special. I voted so much for this song, and it's good to know that it appeared on the UK public vote, so I helped. Unfortunately she followed Russia's entrant Sergey Lazarev who was the favourite to win, with his song "You Are the Only One". This totally faltered Barei in the voting, because Russia had a very visual performance, whereas Barei gave a great dance performance that was overshadowed by the previous contestant. She sadly only managed to get 77 points in the Grand Final, placing her 22nd. Catchy, upbeat and empowering, Spain sent Barei to Eurovision with this banger. Style on point, Barei tells you to Say Yay!

Barei, real name Bárbara González-Aller, is a star in the making. Her style is on point her vocals are electric, she's gorgeous, and if she doesn't become an international star in the next decade or so we will totally be missing out in the music world! She has released two albums and a number of singles. After winning the Spanish national selection Objetivo Eurovisión, she signed to Universal Music Spain, who re-released her album. Barei has star quality, she just needs the promotion to become an international star. Eurovision was a great platform for her, even if she did perform after the Russian entrant. The song was written by Barei, Rubén Villanueva and Víctor Púa Vivó. The song is all about not giving up, keep going, climb over those hills and follow your dreams. Definitely uplifting, it's a very encouraging song.

Directed by Gus Carballo, this video is such an amazing performance piece, showcasing to the world who Barei is and her style and her music. She replicated this perfectly in the Grand Final of Eurovision.

Clearly coming from a dance background, Barei shines throughout, using footwork which has recently became the in-thing to do in a club (the one dance move I can't pull off). Even the guys are getting on the dance floor and pulling these moves off!

The video also shows off the city streets of Spain, joining together different dancers who all come together with this song. I really want to visit Spain if people randomly just dance in the streets, that is my kind of place.

The middle is pulled off perfectly, when she falls down, she fell in the performance of the Eurovision Grand Final too. She gets back up and carries on, conquering those mountains and releasing her battle cry. Just like Orianthi sung in her song "Courage".

The ending is perfection. To have all the dancers perform in-sync with that technical footwork, where it's easy to go wrong, just proves how strong of a dancer Barei is as well as her backing dancers. She is a star, she just needs her fame now! But she's got me as a fan already, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!
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