New Release: Ace Wilder - Selfish

24 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Stretching my rules a little bit, this song has been released today on iTunes as a two-track single, the second track being a remix. The song was previously released at the start of the month, so in theory this is a remix release, however they have included the original track in this release, and so it's kind of like a re-release, therefore allowing me to review this for my New Release section.

Ace Wilder, real name Alice Gernandt, is sexily selfish in this video, not caring about anyone but herself as she walks through this crowd, just staring at the camera provocatively. This song is a stunning ballad, proving that she can really hit home with her words when she wants to. Captivating as always, she's already had a number one in Sweden, her home country. Having applied for Melodifestivalen twice, the first time with "Busy Doin' Nothing" (the song that got to number one), that placed her just two points away from being sent to Eurovision 2014, and then coming third with "Don't Worry" in 2016. She is keen to hit the international market, she has the voice, the songs, just not the promotion. But her determination is contagious, and she will continue to try, because that is who she is. I reckon she would be perfect for Eurovision. This song is different to her previous singles, personal and emotional, she puts her all in this song, she isn't just any old pop singer, her catchy lyrics and emotional lines are full of the singer-songwriter capabilities she has.

This music video is not your average video, although can be considered an average ballad video. Definitely out of Ace Wilder's comfort zone, I was totally expecting the track to change and her to start off some massive dance choreography. But she doesn't need that at all.

Fully emotive throughout although it's in slow motion with blurred visuals, this music video doesn't have her singing the lyrics of the song, instead she is looking deeply at the camera. She's apparently selfish and she knows it and she wants you to know it. Hell, she doesn't even need to sing the lyrics.

The cold steel look in her eyes never fails as she a party soon turns into chaos behind her. Confident and determined is what Ace Wilder has always been, and this music video definitely amplifies that. Although the song wavers in doubt and fragility, the song is an empowerment. It perfectly follows on from previous singles, and the perfect follow up to "Don't Worry". I hope a full album is around the corner for this girl, or some international success, she definitely deserves it.
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