Fifth Harmony Featuring Fetty Wap - All In My Head (Flex)

25 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Another club hit from these girls, Fifth Harmony's second single is more than we expected. Clearly the combination of fans worked on the last single "Work From Home" so they've done it again, featuring a rapper, this time Fetty Wap. This is the second single from their second album, having already hit the UK charts hard with "Work From Home" and the album did well all by itself, it's time for them to storm the UK chart with this amazing summer relaxer of a song, they just need the radio to pick it up! Fifth Harmony are sexily drawing in the guys on a beach, telling them to flex to try and impress, it's not all in our heads, this is happening!

Fifth Harmony are a five-piece girl band, who formed on The X Factor (US). They consist of Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Ally Brooke, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei. They are being pushed as the next big girl group, and making it over here in the UK is their biggest difficulty especially with label mates Little Mix being the biggest British girl group around at the moment in the UK. However, their most recent single "Work From Home" peaked at number two in the UK, and it's still going strong, their previous singles haven't fared so bad either, could they push this single to the very top? Or will they turn into the american version of The Saturdays, not quite getting to the top until much later on in their career, and will they stick together long enough? Their most recent album proves that the girls like different genres within the group, separating their vocals and yet combining the genres to make the album. This song has Dinah Jane Hansen and Normani Kordei leading the chorus. It was written by Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Hermansen, Benjamin Levin, Willie Maxwell, Daystar Peterson, Nolan Lambroza, Julia Michaels, Simon Wilcox, Brian Garcia, Ewart Brown, Clifton Dillon, Richard Foulks, Herbert Harris, Leroy Romans, Lowell Dunbar, Brian Thompson and Handel Tucker. The song samples DJ Mad Cobra's "Flex", which incorporates elements of The Temptations' song "Just My Imagination", hence the massive list of song writers.

Directed by Director X, famous for his videos with all the stars, his recent performance based videos haven't been that intriguing, most notably is Rihanna's "Work". He did well on Fifth Harmony's previous single "Work From Home" so we were expecting high hopes for this follow up.

Definitely branding this group as sexy, this video follows on from "Work From Home". Filmed on a beach, it brings tropical vibes to this club summer anthem, that would get me on any dancefloor, I'm ready to flex to this song.

Full on choreography and perfect freestyle there seems to be more focus on each individual member who then collaborate in the end scenes, with one of the most relaxed styled choreography I've seen. They're all in-sync and yet they have slight differences in the way they perform some of the moves, making it look more freestyle than what it actually is, which definitely works in their favour.

The guys are sexy, but they should have been wearing less, they may just be the love interests and aren't developed in this video, but if the girls are on the beach in their bathing suits, why are the guys just simply shirtless? I want less clothes on them, fairs fair at the end of the day, more body parts to flex and impress. Although they do have great bodies, both the girls and the guys. Although, I'm not so keen on the chosen bathing suits for Fifth Harmony, as they could've worn something much more stylish. However they do a grand job of pairing them up with additional wear in the end scene.

Fetty Wap, real name Willie Maxwell II, adds nothing to this, although kudos on his clip in a cave, which could be off from the beach, but it would've worked better if he was actually with Fifth Harmony. His rap works with the song, and definitely adds to the beat, but visually he doesn't add much to the video.

Overall an all right music video. Definitely sexy, although not so stylish. Choreography is on point, as always from these girls, and visual scenes are beautiful. Performance vibes to the max, I already know they're amazing live, but this video emphasises it. However there's nothing going on, no development in the love interests, definitely not much impressing or flexing, and no narrative whatsoever. Just an average video with a tropical theme.
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