Rizzle Kicks - Prophet (Better Watch It)

23 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Debut music videos are always interesting to watch, especially if the artist becomes well known and their debut single wasn't a hit. This is exactly why I love doing my Thursday Revisits.... Today it's Rizzle Kicks turn, and I have never heard this song let alone seen this music video. The song is now five years old, and definitely one that will be staying in the past in the case of this music video and song, although it's catchy and seriously their vocals are on point! Rizzle Kicks prove they can sing in their debut single, the motion morph is a visual annoyance throughout the video though.

New on the scene back in 2011, Rizzle Kicks didn't get a hit single until their second single "Down With The Trumpets", which was the follow-up to this one. They consist of Jordan Stephens (Rizzle) and Harley Alexander-Sule (Sylvester). This song is known as a total flop and many suggest their breakthrough came with their second single and highly regard "Down With The Trumpets" as their debut single. This song isn't as catchy, but there was little promotion around it, this proves they can sing and the rapping is next to perfect. This should've been a commercial success, but it didn't pick up radio play and this music video is definitely not appealing for the music channels. The song was previously released as a free download before appearing on iTunes. It was written by Jordan Stephens, Harley Alexander-Sule, James Dring and Jody Street.

Directed by Toby Lockerbie, filmed in Brighton apparently, this used 960 long exposure photos to combine this stop motion morphing video. The beachfront is definitely Brighton beach.

The entire video messes with my eyes and my mind, it's difficult to follow and to understand. At the same time it works and it's engaging. It has a visual concept of an angel and a devil.

The virtual translation visuals from the lyrics work really well and there is definitely some innovated ideas that proved that even back then Rizzle Kicks were doing something different.

This is the song that gained them a few fans, that kicked off their career, but it wasn't until that later singles that truly made them famous. Now they've just returned with "Always Late", hence why this is my Thursday Revisit. Making their fans feel like they're drunk or high, this video messes with the brain and yet works as an accompanying music video to this song.
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