Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush

June 26, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Since I am planning on seeing Booty Luv at the end of next month, along with Big Brovaz and S Club at a 00's themed club night out, I felt it fitting to review my favourite song and video from this duo. This is not only my jam, it's a lot of other people's jam, the song that should've hit the charts hard but never did. Unfortunately, I was too young to hear this in the clubs, but I bet it was quite the banger, and I can't wait for next month to actually be on the dancefloor whilst this is on. Booty Luv are in a Lamborghini pretending to drive as they swap positions and scenery in this fun and simple music video for Some Kinda Rush.

Booty Luv consists of Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd. According to reports, they have gone on to do their own things now, but will occasionally reform for one-offs like for prides up and down the country, like they did for Birmingham Pride 2016. It's such a shame that this perfect club duo won't be making a comeback, especially since "Say It" and "Black Widow" wasn't included within an album. I truly believe they could come back if they wanted to, especially with how EDM music and dance music is raking the charts now. This song is quite the banger, given a modern twist this could so be re-released and it would do even better with the right promotion. The song is considered one of their most successful, even though it only peaked at number 19 here in the UK. The song was written by Nadia Shepherd, Cherise Roberts, Carl Ryden and Samantha Powell.

Being in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is not your average music video, and it's clear where the entire budget for this video went to, the car itself, shame their fans couldn't get in it too.

With slight dance moves the girls pull off being in this Lamborghini easily. Fitting and sexy the girls work it to the max. Apparently going faster whenever the chorus suggests to turn it up. It must be Some Kinda Rush!

Wind machines, green screen and some great technical work, no wonder I used to regard this as their best video when it was released, it's tongue-in-cheek fun with a perfect club banger, and compared to their previous videos this is definitely stunning.

Related to an extent, the girls look stylish, classy and sexy in this car that we all definitely want to at least test drive. They definitely had fun on the set, and I bet they enjoyed watching it back once the whole thing had been edited. Technically great for the time it was released. I just hope these girls make a comeback, especially since this sort of music is definitely in now.
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