Chart Mondays: Gnash Featuring Olivia O'Brien - I Hate U, I Love U

13 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

With no music video to Drake's "One Dance" yet, which is still at number one in the UK, my Chart Mondays is open to the top 10 again. This took it's time to become popular, no doubt popular music app helped this become a charting success... Yet I have a feeling this may be Gnash's only hit. taking inspiration from G-Eazy with a similar style that many people have been comparing, Gnash does his best, but his relaxed style is quite annoying, especially with this amazing featured vocalist. Gnash and Olivia O'Brien collaborate in this emotional track accompanied by beautiful scenery in this music video for I Hate U, I Love U.

Gnash is known mostly as a singer-songwriter and DJ, having released a number of EPs and being quite popular on soundcloud, it isn't surprising that he managed to find success. This raw and gritty song is powerful in it's own right, unfortunately, I doubt he'll have more than this one hit, but I guess it's a wait and see situation. The song features Olivia O'Brien, just 16 she has her whole life ahead of her, her vocals on this track are stunning and her other songs she's uploaded to soundcloud is creating quite the buzz, this is definitely a star in the making and is one of the main reasons why this song has become so chart friendly. This song is a war of a love story, the battle fight we've all felt once in a while, apparently written by the singers themselves, Gnash & Olivia O'Brien.

A gorgeous landscape sets the scene in this music video directed by Mitchell Dequilettes. It fails to capture the beautiful emotion that the song portrays.

The singers fail to give the performance of their lives, gnash is way too relaxed, as if he doesn't care what he is singing and would rather hide behind his sunglasses. Olivia O'Brien does her best, but with her co-star not giving it his all, the emotion falls flat, her vocals are on form in the song, but her acting ability isn't.

The song is better heard without watching this beautiful music video, the landscape is an essence of the love hate relationship, portraying the crashing of waves relating in time with the music and the lyrics of the song and yet there's no substance to it at all.

Overall it is beautiful, but the video doesn't accompany the song all that well. Reminding me slightly of RHODES + Birdy's collaboration "Let It All Go" and yet totally different in style and in motive.
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