G Girls - Call The Police

18 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have been waiting for this to be released on iTunes, so as I waited, I reviewed it for Outlet Magazine. It's the amazing collaboration between Inna, Alexandra Stan, Antonia and Lori. They are G Girls in a new project from Global Records. These four girls are superstars, part of the leading Romanian female singers that are ready to take over the world. They're already internationally known as solo singers, which makes this collaboration even more special. G Girls want you to Call The Police in this sexy, stylish and inviting music video. Inna, Alexandra Stan, Antonia and Lori come together for this addicting summer anthem.

G Girls, as previously mentioned, is a project from Global Records. Whether this is just a one off, or the start of something new is the question on everyone's lips. For now, it's a one off. This is the second time Inna and Alexandra Stan has collaborated, the first time was for "We Wanna". Inna and Antonia has also collaborated in the past on "Fie ce-o fi". I expect more collaborations in the future. Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, has had worldwide success, with "Hot", "Sun Is Up", "More Than Friends" and "Cola Song". Her new single "Heaven" is your relaxing summer anthem! Alexandra Stan hit it big with "Mr Saxobeat", her follow up singles haven't done as well but "Get Back (ASAP)" and "Lemonade" had some charting success. New single "Ecoute" is to be released soon. Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, had a hit with "Morena", and has always been known but never hit it big time. She released her first studio album last year. Lori, full name Loredana Ciobotaru, became known after appearing on the second season of Vocea României (The Voice of Romania), now she's under Global Records and making a name for herself, watch out for Lori! G Girls might have future releases, this collaborative effort is astonishing, super sexy and their voices gel well, making the song a summer hit that should rack up the charts globally, but instead it'll be an undiscovered banger of a tune.

Directed by Roman Bulaca at the Palatul Noblesse, Inna and Antonia start the video off by inviting us inside.

A pure performance piece set within a narrative, the girls show us why we need to call the police on them. They've captured the hearts of the party goers, unsurprisingly. All the guys are around them, pining for their love.

Inna is the total star of the show, classy and sexy she doesn't have to show off, unlike Antonia who is clearly trying to impress. Alexandra Stan is a lot more mild compared to "We Wanna", and Lori follows Inna and is stylishly casual.

There isn't much of a narrative. The girls are practically stealing hearts, wallets and anything they can. Performance wise, they work well together, all four of them can perform and as a collective they give off astronomical vibes proving that they could totally share a stage.

Powerful, engaging and full of Romanian star quality, G Girls works better than we could ever have imagined. Hopefully they will come together for a few more songs, this isn't going to be the next girl band because they are already amazing solo artists, however it could be a project that has more than one single, and maybe a world tour (we can only hope), a G Girls tour would make all the fans hit the roof. G Girls need to do a world tour! I'd so be there!
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