Chart Mondays: Sigala Featuring John Newman & Nile Rodgers - Give Me Your Love

27 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Yet again, Drake is still at number one with "One Dance", this marks his 11th week at the top of the UK chart, making the single the longest running chart-topper of the digital age, since 2004 with the introduction of legal downloads. It seems it might go down soon, since it is dropping on the iTunes Chart... To stay at the top, Drake should drop a music video to "One Dance", but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. This opens up my Chart Mondays, once again, and this song has slid into number nine. John Newman vocals this stunning track with partial production work from Nile Rodgers. Amazing beats, perfect vocals, outstanding dance choreography. Give Me Your Love is all Sigala wants.

Sigala is giving the world hit after hit after hit with amazing collaborations left right and centre. Either he is giving us someone new, or further pushing superstars into global success. He is a British DJ, real name Bruce Fielder, and all four of his singles have charted in the top 10 of the UK chart. Hopefully an amazing album will follow soon. This features John Newman, who has a great energy on stage, I always forget I've seen him live, his authentic vocals and stunning falsetto are all totally real. Nile Rodgers is also given a feature credit, he's a longtime American musician and part of band Chic. This song was written by Bruce Fielder and Steve Manovski.

The video was released last month and hasn't gained as many hits as we all thought it would... Regardless the song has charted well in the UK, although not so great globally.

The dancing is impeccable. Using amazing footwork that is totally current at the moment. All the dancers are in sync and the flips are stunning. A great dance troupe that clearly bounce off each other perfectly.

John Newman performs perfectly as always, energetic vibes that are well-received. These same vibes are sent out when he is gigging, His dancing, if that's what you want to call it, it's more of a sense of free movement than dance; is exactly what he does on stage, energetic and full of adrenaline. Nile Rodgers adds very little to the performance part of the music video.

With no narrative, this performance-based music video is lost on the public. The song is a perfect hit and should've done much better on the UK chart, but this music video fails to accommodate the song. The dancing is more than perfect and John Newman's performance is great, there's just something totally missing, alongside there being no narrative.
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