Big Brovaz - Nu Flow

28 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is big bro, taking over the show, with this nu flow! That is exactly what they did, I literally cannot wait to see them live next month, now just consisting of four of them, including the two girls who went off to create Booty Luv, this band need to return, a new and improved sound would totally make Big Brovaz chart hits again. This song was so popular when it was first released, and it's still has a fire beat with rhythmic lyrics. Big Brovaz are dressing up as clowns in this introductory song and video which is a pure performance piece that definitely allows the audience to connect to each member of the band.

Big Brovaz, when they first hit the scene were magic, they raked up the charts they had everyone talking about them and were definitely the new group on the block. This six piece group consisted of Cherise Roberts, Nadia Shepherd, Dion Howell, John Paul Horsley (J-Rock), Tayo Aisida (Flawless) and Randy Jackson. Their first album did well globally and spawned many amazing singles. The second album didn't do so well and neither did the singles, the group had been narrowed down to a four-piece by then and even attempted to represent the UK at Eurovision with "Big Bro Thang". This group are currently performing as a four-piece, reports state that they don't plan on releasing any new music, although I reckon there is still a market for them in the music business. This song was written by the group.

Directed by Vaughan Arnell and showcased as a circus performance, the group really took to the role. The song is a show anyway, introducing the band members by name (apart from Randy) a great way to get to know the band in their debut single, and Dion Howell got it right we didn't forget her name! But guess they lied when they said "we won't quit" since they are no longer releasing anything new, at least the four-piece is still together performing though.

Dressed as clowns, the girls are in make up getting ready to put on an act, whilst the guys act all cool and calm. They do the famous saw trick where they cut Nadia Shepherd in half.

A perfect performance piece starts this video off, the girls are flirtatious and the guys hit it off with their relax vibes. There is a clear chemistry throughout and it's wonderful to watch, no doubt that energy is recreated on stage when they're performing.

Dressed as clowns with the distortion filter makes the video quite haunting, but works perfectly with the song appealing to both young viewers and adults alike. Now Big Brovaz is embedded as part of my childhood and I literally cannot wait to see them live. I hope this song is just as good as the video makes it out to be.
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