New Release: BB Diamond - Praying

15 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have to be honest, I totally wasn't expecting BB Diamond to bring this much fire to an amazing track, but my God did she do just that, outstanding! This isn't just an everyday normal tune, it is ablaze with sparks flying everywhere. At first it may seem a mess, but you start to love the chaotic vocals and beats, mashing together to make such a perfect rhythm. BB Diamond shows off her performing skills in video for new song Praying, which should be a summer hit!

BB Diamond has been going for a little while now, she's been a backing singer for high-profiled artists, and she is now ready to take on the music industry. Having already collaborated with Shift K3Y, you would think that would've pushed her into some success, but "Gone Missing" only hit 93 on the UK charts, not really making any sort of impact. This single isn't even in the iTunes top 1000, so chances are it's not going to get a chart number, even though it is a banger of a tune.

There isn't much to this music video. BB Diamond is acting sexily to the camera, putting on a normal, but engaging, performance. One that definitely makes me want to see her live.

A lot of energy and looking sultry, with vocals that could totally out-do many singers she has sung backing vocals for. This one is a star in the making. She just needs that one hit, the one that will launch her career.

The blue filter is a little off-putting, and there's nothing major going on the video, but those are the only things I can pick up on. Overall, it's a typical performance-based music video, where the singer stuns us all with her vocals and stage-presence.
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