Eric Saade Featuring Gustaf Norén - Wide Awake

05 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Eric Saade is back with this amazingly emotional video which features Gustaf Norén, this Swedish superstar has already done well in his career so far, but now he needs to make it big internationally, having already had a few hits in his home country, he hasn't been getting the chart hits he clearly deserves over there. Eric Saade stuns in this emotional narrative of this song, highly personal, he can't stop thinking about this girl that is keeping him Wide Awake, so he wrecks the caravan, featuring Gustaf Norén.

Eric Saade has recently dropped his EP with this song and his other recently released songs, in promotion of the new album that is expected to be released this week. He originally was in a band called What's Up!, he later went solo and has had two number ones in Sweden, these are "Manboy" and "Popular", now he has gone down a more mature route releasing songs that are highly emotional and much more personal. He attempted to represent Sweden in Eurovision 2010 with "Manboy" but came third overall in Melodifestivalen 2010. The following year he won and "Popular" became Sweden's entry to Eurovison 2011, where he came third overall. He attempted to represent Sweden again in 2015 with "Sting", but he came fifth in the final of Melodifestivalen. The featured star is Gustaf Norén, who is just kick-starting his solo career after being a founding member of rock band Mando Diao, he left the group last year after being with the band since 1999, he was one of two frontmen. He adds flavour to this highly emotional song which was written by Eric Saade, Gustaf Norén, Vikor Norén and Joakim Andrén.

Directed by the artist himself, Eric Saade manages to make this entire video personal, both on screen and off screen. With that emotional link to the song, it's no wonder he managed to create such a great video.

Who doesn't want to wreck a caravan in pain? Eric Saade clearly brought up all the feelings about this song and unleashed it on the caravan perfectly. Wrecking the place with anything he could get his hands on before burning it to the ground.

There are various performance scenes, some of which are in black and white making this even more emotional. Eric Saade performs with his usual style, but Gustaf Norén really outshines, he stares at the camera sultrily, working the camera as he sings.

Overall a faultless music video, that engages and works perfectly, however there's no sign of a love interest and so the audience wonders who they are singing about, but great work, and I can't wait to see what Eric Saade brings in the future, especially with his new album about to drop soon.
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