Tove Lo - Cool Girl

23 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Didn't particularly choose this, just another YouTube suggestion, and a good one at that. I've always been out of sorts with Tove Lo, some songs I like and "Talking Body" is still one of my all-time favourites, and then sometimes I just don't like her songs. This is one that fits in both categories, it's all right for now, but if radio overplays it then I'll totally go off it. Tove Lo knows sex sells, and so does shaving your head, combining the two and with a crazy dance, she proves she is a "Cool Girl".

Tove Lo is one of a few hottest female singers coming out of Sweden at the moment, and the way they are going, especially dominating in the Eurovision Song Contest, it will not surprise me if more follow. Real name Ebba Nilsson, Tove Lo has really made a name for herself, and have worked with the biggest stars, from Coldplay to Nick Jonas. There's no stopping Tove Lo, she is already a global hit. This song is the first cut from her second studio album entitled "Lady Wood" which will be out late October. It was written by Tove Lo, Jakob Jerlström and Ludvig Söderberg.

Directed by Tim Erem and Steve Annis, this weird video clip includes Tove Lo shaving off her hair, in a shocking unexpected visual that's left us all wondering if she really has no hair now. If Jessie J and Sinéad O'Connor can pull it off, so can Tove Lo.

Choreography on point throughout, it seems inspiration has come from Sia with this dance style. Chaotic and erotic and yet flawlessly pulled off without one single misstep, this is a high-end production with a weird contemporary feel.

A little shocking, this video is saucy and definitely up there, a stand out performance-based video that just makes me want to see what she's like live. Over the top, but in a relatable good way. Watch out for Tove Lo.
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