New Release: VAMPS Featuring Chris Motionless - Inside Of Me

16 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Do not confuse this rock band with the popular British pop/rock group The Vamps, they are totally different! Something new and something different for my blog, as I have recently been filling it up with a lot of pop music, it's time for a bit of a rock review. This rock group come from Japan and are doing phenomenally great over there, In this video for "Inside Of Me", the VAMPS perform while motorcyclists run rings around them before everyone drops dead.

The VAMPS are a Japanese rock duo consisting of Hyde and K.A.Z. The former is the singer of the group and has even gone after a solo career, where he has released four solo albums so far. As for the latter, he is known for his work with bands Oblivion Dust and Speed Beaver as well as the VAMPS. They are a formidable talent in Japan, but international success is on the horizon for these two, especially with the collaboration of the frontman of Motionless In White. Featured star is Chris Motionless, as I've already stated, he is a part of the band Motionless In White, who are a gothic metalcore band from America. They have released three albums, with a fourth expected to drop in January 2017. The frontman was busy with the Warped Tour to appear in this music video, but just featuring on the track is promoting this duo. The VAMPS clearly have something going for them, especially as they are easily finding fans around the world, this song may not become the clear hit it deserves to be, but I expect a future hit may happen for this rock duo in the future.

This music video is a mainly a performance based music video with a subtle narrative throughout. Without the bikers, this would be good, but with them it's exceptional.

As a performance, the VAMPS smash it. Hyde's vocals are on form throughout and he takes the spotlight totally. He captures the audience in with his singing and his energy, but it isn't until we notice K.A.Z that something magical happens, as a duo they work amazingly together, and K.A.Z isn't just playing the guitar behind Hyde, he performs with it, and that is rare to find.

The bikers make this fast-paced song much more visual, It makes it more freaky and scarier, especially when they are circling the VAMPS, which is a scare tactic found in films and TV series. But I guess the VAMPS come out on top because these bikers messed with the wrong people.

A total high production and definitely relatable to the song. It's heart-racing in all the right ways, and the performance of the song is definitely exciting. This video works well with the song and has been produced and directed well. I think I've just found a new favourite rock duo.
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