Ady Suleiman - Wait For You

18 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

According to the Official Charts Company, this song was released this week, and so I watched the music video on Friday, prepared to write up a review of the video. Later I find out it was actually released 9 September according to Amazon and iTunes. Instead, I reviewed the VAMPS feat. Chris Motionless "Inside Of Me", and thought I'd review this over the weekend. Ady Suleiman brings a reggae ballad to groove along to as you see his amazing relaxed performance in this "Wait For You" music video. He is definitely one to watch.

Ady Suleiman is a new guy on the scene, he is putting a whole new spin on reggae music, making it popular and interesting again. He's track "Running Away" was well received, and he's only becoming more and more popular. This song is his follow-up single, we hope a full album is within reach. This track is a perfect song to listen to in the car, gentle and honest, it's flooded with emotion.

Directed by Calmatic it is a pure performance piece showing Ady Suleiman's energetic performance vibes, which is so relaxed it makes me want to go to see him live.

This reggae ballad looks like it's reacted well amongst the extras. The audience are clearly loving the song and it's so groovy and catchy you can't help but like it.

The video itself has a filter over it to make it look quite old, definitely respecting the good times when reggae was extremely popular, yet transpiring it into today's era. Ady Suleiman is certainly making it popular all over again.

There's not a lot else to say about this, but it does make Ady Suleiman look genuine and caring, which he no doubt is in real life. The video shows what he is like live, and as a performance piece, it shows him in a good light.
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