Fifth Harmony - That's My Girl

20 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ever since this song was announced as their next single, we've been waiting for a music video, and it's been such a long wait. But the Olympics have finished and here's the video, and it was definitely worth that long wait! A total relief after waiting so long for Major Lazer's "Cold Water" and being disappointed; but Fifth Harmony has made us completely forget about "Cold Water" and totally smashed this video! Fifth Harmony appear in a post-apocalyptic world and attempts to save everyone, whilst performing this strong and empowering track. "That's My Girl" is a true sign of girl power!

Fifth Harmony is one of the biggest girl groups in the entire world at the moment. Formed on The X Factor (US), and much like One Direction, they came third in their season; they have become world renowned. They consist of Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello and Ally Brooke. They're currently on their 7/27 world tour, promoting their second album. This single is their third single overall, and may be their last from the said album. Girl power and totally empowering, this song is beyond strong. It was written by Tinashe Kachingwe, Alexander Kronlund and Lukas Loules.

Now this music video is FIRE! The director is Hannah Lux Davies; so, of course, it was going to be FIRE! This is one of the best Fifth Harmony music videos I have seen.

Interpreting the lyrics into a whole difference imagination, this music video goes a lot further than we initially thought it would. The song itself is about independence and being strong, encouraging their fans to be determined and do what they want because they can do it and they certainly don't need a man beside them.

So how this song turned into a post-apocalyptic video, about strength and caring, I do not know, but let's be honest this is completely amazing, especially with everything going on in Syria at the moment.

The girls wave white flags in the air in a brilliant dance sequence that they nail, before saving the survivors and rescuing them. They then dance with red flags in amazing choreography, they're totally in-sync throughout.

The girls are perfect throughout. Their performance vibes are totally off the radar, if you've ben lucky enough to see them live like I have, then you'll know how amazing they are, just like they are in this video.

Overall this video has it all, a relatable strong narrative all infused amongst various performance pieces that contain amazing choreography which is performed flawlessly. These girls are already one of the biggest girl groups in the whole world, but this song and video just enforces that even more!
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