Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most

12 August Critic Jonni 6 Comments

Rascal Flatts has got my Sunday Revisit this week, why? Well this is one of my favourite songs ever written, it's one of those songs that has to be sung with a lot of emotion, so I couldn't resist but review this one, besides it is one out of 2 Rascal Flatts singles that have managed to get on the UK chart, although this did get a low charting position of 103. Rascal Flatts are a 3-piece Country band consisting of Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney. They have only ever officially released albums in the UK, so this song managed to chart from Album downloads only. Edges is a fan of these too.

"What Hurts The Most" was written by Jeffrey Steele and Steve Robson. It was Mark Wills who recorded it first, but it was only an Album Only version. It was Jo O'Meara (of S Club fame) who released it first as a single. Then Rascal Flatts released it in 2006, and then the most known version comes from Cascada. It is one of those songs I can see being covered a lot in the future. I'm not sure if this works, as a country song, Gary LeVox has a great voice, but I just think I might be too used to Cascada's version.

This music video is again quite different to what I expect. What makes it different is that there are scenes where the characters speak, during these parts the music dies. Over the years there have been numerous ways of doing such a thing, such as subtitles or talking over music, none of which really works and this way also doesn't work either.

This narrative and performance piece is amazing, I like how they are separate too. This storyline is well thought out and amazing to watch. I like how well the actors and actresses perform. No one knows who the actors and actresses are, but if anyone knows please tell me.

Overall this is a sad song but I don't think it works as a country song. However it's accompanying music video is amazing, I cannot fault it, and I like how it builds up, you have no clue as to what exactly has happened until the very end. It's an emotional music video and a totally different take than Jo O'Meara's and Cascada's. And for that, this is obviously the rating it deserves!
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  1. Sarah Polley the actress

    1. I can't find any sources, so I'm not so sure it's Sarah Polley

  2. The actor is Michael Sullivan from Malden, MA. Great kid and still around I believe.

  3. Her name is Krystle Hernandez. She only did two other things according to IMDB and then she faded out of acting. A shame really, she had a lot of talent but Hollywood doesn't always reward talent.

  4. Thanks I wanted to know her name