New Release: Melanie C - Anymore

09 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Melanie C is back with this scorching new song, which I'm sure DJ's will be remixing this song like crazy. I feel like this needs to be played whilst I'm on the dancefloor but maybe a remix version, there's just something that isn't quite giving me the club vibe that is probably meant to be there. Catchy nonetheless, though. Melanie C dances her way through this performance-based video for "Anymore" whilst we see home-videos of dancers.

Melanie C, full name Melanie Chisholm, has said she won't be reforming with the Spice Girls along with Victoria Beckham, leaving Mel B, Geri Horner and Emma Bunton to go as a three-piece. But this is the reason why Melanie C isn't signing up to reform, she's relaunching her solo career, again, and although the single isn't doing that well on the UK iTunes Chart, I can see this being a grower and a climber, because this tune is banging once you've heard it a few times. It is the lead single from her seventh studio album, she has never had a UK number one album yet, could she do it this time around?

There's not a lot to this music video. Melanie C's theatrical performance piece is spot-on, which is what we expect from her. She floods the song with emotion as she lets go during the chorus. The only problem I have is that the chorus feels more like a bridge, and I'm expecting something even more catchy, but it just doesn't quite hit the mark.

As for the scenes intercut throughout, there's nothing enlightening. I feel like a watcher, or someone walking past these people who are dancing on the street. I feel no connection whatsoever, and so their dancing doesn't move me one bit. Yet I feel like that's the whole plan and it links in with the lyrics more, so it's quite clever, yet it pushes the audience away.

This one's a hard one, it's relatable to an extent and yet it fails to draw interest from the watchers. I feel like there's no substance to this video, yet there's no substance to the song either. I feel like we're missing a major catchy chorus, and I just feel lost during the video even if it is relatable in every way. What are your thoughts?
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