Demi Lovato - Confident

15 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've just been listening to this song on my iTunes, so it's the music video I've chosen to review today. This video is quite complicated, the concept was to create a movie, not an over-the-top one but one that looked straight out of a spy movie. The thing is the short time frame of music videos rarely manages to become a movie because it's not long enough. This is why it doesn't really work, it's too complex and difficult to follow and understand. Demi Lovato is a spy in this music video for "Confident", beating up guys whilst rivalling against Michelle Rodriguez.

Demi Lovato is one of the biggest female international singers out at the moment. She made her name on the Disney Channel being in the Camp Rock films as well as Sonny With A Chance. She launched her singing career, and then later became a judge on The X Factor (US) where she had amazing banter with Simon Cowell. Her most recent singles haven't done quite so well in the UK, she has yet to have a number one, maybe she'll have one in the future, hopefully. This song was written by Demi Lovato, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Max Martin and Savan Kotecha.

The music video is directed by Robert Rodriguez. Demi Lovato is a spy in this movie music video, which also stars Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Zane Holtz and Marko Zaror. The idea was to make it more of a film than a music video, but with a running time of three minutes 34 seconds, it just doesn't work. A fully narrative piece with a slight performance segment.

The narrative is very developed. Demi Lovato is in a maximum security prison. We watch as the U.S. Marshall gives her a pardon on the condition she brings Michelle Rodriguez. Demi Lovato gets all geared up and goes with her team to get who is wanted.

Only when Demi Lovato arrives, her team is secret agents and are on Michelle Rodriguez's side and attempt to capture Demi Lovato. She loses and is transported back to the prison, but on the way there, she overcomes her captors and launches herself in Michelle Rodriguez's car.

In a fist fight with her rival, they work out that they are being pitted against one another and they come after the U.S. Marshall instead. Better as a team, they defeat the problem and nod at the end, this is possibly not the last time we've seen these two team up.

Demi Lovato's performance piece is on point throughout. The scene isn't shown that much, but when it is, she gives fire to the song. Performance vibes leak from her, she was born to sing and perform.

Overall it's a great music video, but it has a complicated storyline and it's too compact. The fighting isn't so extraordinary, it's so basic that it's slightly believable. I think it's slightly too much and it is over the top, even if that was what they were trying not to do. They didn't use the time available effectively, and instead gave us a kind of rushed narrative and a hard to follow music video.
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