Inna Featuring Juan Magan - Be My Lover

16 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

For those of you who follow me on CelebMix, you'll be aware that it's Inna's birthday. Celebrate with CelebMix by looking back at her career to date, and why not give Inna a gift and donate money to the Hospice Casa Sperantei. To celebrate her birthday on my blog, I thought I'd review another one of her music videos, I'm pretty sure I've reviewed almost all of them! Have a look back at the reviews of her music videos that I have done by clicking here. Juan Magan flips this club and house track into a latino anthem in this remix of "Be My Lover". Party out with this ultimate latino dance track!

Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, turned 30 years old today. Her career has been amazing so far, having worked with greats Flo Rida, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Alexandra Stan and J Balvin. Have a look in more detail at all she has done in my CelebMix birthday article. This is probably the biggest house track on the Party Never Ends album, and it is so so catchy! Juan Magan has collaborated with Inna previously on track "Un Momento". He is a Spanish singer and he's real name is Juan Manuel Magán González. He has worked with many famous and well-known names. This song should've been a worldwide hit and should've done the rounds in clubs but it didn't rise up the way it should've done. It was written by Melanie Thornton, Uli Brenner, Gerd Amir Saraf and Lane McCray.

There are two videos released of this song, there's the original "Be My Lover" and then there's this remixed latino version. Not much difference between the two, although this one removes Inna's second verse and replaces it with a Juan Magan verse.

Different settings appear for this video, Inna is performing at a block party, which is totally set alight. Full with energetic vibes she totally owns the entire performance segment, as well as the few scenes on the beach. There's a desert scene which features several dancers cast in shadow due to the sun. Then there's the stunt biker scene which looks awesome. Then there's Juan Magan.

Juan Magan could've at least tried to fit in, instead it distracts from the entire video. He's recorded in front of a white plain backdrop. It's totally out of place and is definitely a downer on this music video.

Overall, it's a party song with a party music video. Inna is looking stunning throughout and she is clearly having an amazing time. This is how I imagine she is going to look and act in Dublin, Ireland when I go and see her! Juan Magan's verse is good and adds a new flavour to the song, but in the video, it fails to fit in. The original is much better.
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