Leah McFall - Wolf Den

09 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Leah McFall made quite the impact on this song, having bided her time for the past few years, she's back now and wow does her voice still astonish us since the first time we heard it. Her voice is amazing and it's surprising she didn't win The Voice UK, but then again neither did Becky Hill and look how far she has got now. Leah McFall will definitely become just as amazing as Becky Hill, mark my words. Leah McFall gives a powerful performance to the viewers in this music video for her most recent single "Wolf Den".

Leah McFall was the runner-up in the second series of The Voice UK. She was mentored by will.i.am who went on to record debut single "Home" with her coach. Unfortunately, the song didn't do so well on the UK chart and she was later dropped by Capitol Records. After years of wondering where she's been, Leah McFall made a comeback with this gorgeous soulful song. Released independently, it's no wonder it didn't chart, but that doesn't mean it was a bad song, it just means that promotion for the single wasn't possible. She stated it was a gift to all who have supported her. Hopefully, an album is on the horizon, as we need a lot more tracks with her amazing voice on.

Directed by Phil Harrison, The clip is a pure performance piece where Leah McFall shines throughout.

She puts her all in performing this piece, and you can see this song is close to her heart. Emotion runs out through her pores of her skin. No one can deny that this song is powerful. It's clear that she was born to sing and born to perform, Leah McFall proves why she should've won The Voice UK series two.

There's not a lot to this music video, no narrative, no storyline; just Leah McFall and this song. Yet she still manages to stun us. Who needs all the theatrics when you have her performance presence and her astonishing vocals?
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