Rihanna - Disturbia

October 31, 2016 Critic Jonni 2 Comments

A bit of Rihanna's "Disturbia" for us all! It fits in nicely for my Halloween Special! This was possibly the turning point that put me off Rihanna. I didn't like the direction she was going down with this song and her subsequent songs never matched up to the love I had and still have for "Don't Stop The Music". Besides this entire music video freaked me out back in 2008. Rihanna is pretty much possessed in this "Disturbia" music video. Freakish dancing, disturbing themes and it still chilling to this day.

Rihanna, real name Robyn Fenty, is a worldwide global superstar. Everyone practically knows who she is and at least one of her songs. She's iconic and has really built a name for herself. She's at a point in her career, much like Beyoncé, where she can create the music she wants to and it'll still be a hit, regardless of whether it's likeable or not. She's worked her way up to this level and she isn't coming down from it whatsoever. This song was released on a reissue of her 'Good Girl Gone Bad' album, titled 'Reloaded'. The song hit number three in the UK but became another number one hit single in the US for Rihanna. It was written by Brian Kennedy, Chris Brown, Robert Allen, and Andre Merritt.

Directed by Anthony Mandler and Rihanna, the music video is extremely haunting, it freaks me out. It makes me think Rihanna is possessed by something.

The whole concept is intriguing with various scenes depicting the same idea. If anything, it really proves Rihanna's acting ability, because she pulls this off perfectly.

There are many scenes that will take me ages to comment on, although there is something freaky about the blonde wig and the contact lenses she is wearing when she is behind the bars. I also love the chamber where she's tied up via handcuffs; the way she struggles to get out is full of panic.

The spider scene is spine-chilling, I don't like spiders all that much, but those are tarantulas. I don't know how Rihanna kept her cool. Well, she was possessed.

The dance scene is flawless; great, relatable choreography that is totally on point throughout. The only problem I had was that not enough of the dance sequence was shown.

This music video is jam-packed full of everything. It's so disturbing, it works effortlessly and as much as it freaks me out and as much as I don't like it, the music video is relatable, brilliant and total perfection.
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  1. Were there really spiders on Rihanna or were they not real.

  2. Are the spiders really crawling on Rihanna in the video disturbia?