Tom Boxer Featuring Antonia - Morena

October 06, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Thursday so it's revisit time, so I picked this one out of Antonia's back catalogue. I definitely prefer her new song "Get Up And Dance"! This comes as a surprise to me as it was released in the UK under 3beat records, which released songs for Inna and Alexandra Stan before focusing their efforts on other artists (and that's me being nice about it). They clearly didn't promote this song because I didn't see this music video whatsoever, which probably explains why the song didn't chart in the UK. Antonia creates an ultimatum for her girlfriend "Morena" in this music video whilst giving a sultry stage performance.

Tom Boxer, real name Cosmin Simionică, is a Romanian DJ who has had a few hit singles namely this one and "Deep In Love". He has released a few more singles here and there, but none has made quite an impact. As for Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, she has continued singing and has released some much better songs, as well as an album. She's going from strength to strength and I can't wait to see what the future brings for her. This song was written by Tom Boxer. It hit number one in Poland and Bulgaria.

There isn't a lot to this music video, focusing solely on the performance side of things rather than anything else. I can't find the original video; this one if from 3beat's YouTube Channel. This record label is known for editing music videos to a 'UK version', they did it plenty of times with Alexandra Stan and Inna, just look at "Get Back (ASAP)"; so I'm guessing this isn't the full video, but it's the only one I can find.

Antonia gives a great sexy performance on stage. Her modelling background really comes to play in this music video. She's in a bar singing to her lover called Morena. She later gets up from her seat and dances around Antonia.

It's not until we near the end of the music video, we realise that it's all a part of a slight narrative. We watch as Antonia storms out of a house and then turns around and talks to Morena. From the words they say, we find out that she caught Morena cheating with a guy, of all people.

Antonia gives Morena an ultimatum and kisses her to help her decide. As she drives away, Morena comes after her and gets in the car. That kiss must have been something so powerful.

Focus on the performance is what makes this video slow and uninteresting, it isn't until the narrative kicks in that it brings the audience back. I'm sure the full video is slightly different and much more engaging, but this one fails to keep the audience attention. The video slightly redeems itself at the end, hence my rating.
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