New Release: Kaskade x deadmou5 Featuring Skylar Grey - Beneath With Me

07 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

If there are two DJs we want to collaborate again and again it's Kaskade and deadmou5. Yet what makes this collaboration even better is the featured artist Skylar Grey, what more do we want? The last time deadmou5 collaborated with Kaskade, their track "I Remember" charted, could this happen again with this song? It's quite doubtful. Slow song and video, we watch as Skylar Grey emerges from a wrecked car and heads towards a light, but with a twist of an ending, do we really know what happened?

Kaskade, real name Ryan Raddon, was one of the hottest American DJs back in 2008-2009, hitting out amazing songs that even managed to chart around the world. He has gone on to work with some of the biggest stars as he continues to release amazing songs we can't quite get out of our heads. This collaboration with deadmou5 is surely one of them. deadmou5, real name Joel Zimmerman, is a name everyone pretty much knows. He was one of the most influential DJs back in 2008, with his song "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" even managing to hit number 12 on the UK Singles Chart. Various other singles and albums have followed, and he will continue to be one of the biggest DJs around even if he's not a raging chart success. He certainly doesn't need to be. As for Skylar Grey, real name Holly Hafermann; she was originally known as Holly Brook. Her musical career has been up and down with some surprising collaborations and versatile song releases. The track as a whole is hauntingly quirky. one that I could listen to on repeat for sure.

The music video relates to the song well, it's quite a haunting visual to go with the haunting track. It's pretty slow too which is totally in time with the song.

Skylar Grey is in a car crash. The car is upside down, then she comes to, she starts to move and manages to get out of the car. She takes off her heels and heads towards the light. Then a few seconds later the camera returns to the car and her on-screen lover wakes up, rushes to the car and drags a semi-conscious Skylar Grey out of the car. Quite a twist of an ending.

Very slow with not much going on and yet it still manages to confuse. This video would've been perfect for a Halloween release, what with Skylar Grey all bloody and stuff. Guess this is the start of the Halloween music videos.

Overall it's a great interesting visual with an awesome track behind it. Skylar Grey astonishes in this piece, and I can't wait to hear more from her. I'm also happy to see another deadmou5 music video, as it has certainly been too long. This is relatable to the song, but the confusing music video doesn't quite make sense and leaves the viewers to make their own mind up about it.
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