Chart Mondays: Clean Bandit Featuring Sean Paul & Anne-Marie - Rockabye

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Rockabye (feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie) - Clean Bandit |

It's Chart Mondays again, and we have a new number one! Once again, Clean Bandit remain supreme on the UK Charts. This marks their second number one after "Rather Be", and it is their sixth top ten hit. It was released a few weeks ago and had stalled at number three, before jumping to the top spot. Sean Paul racks up another number one; but, finally, Anne-Marie has scored her biggest hit, her vocals are pure fire on this track and I knew she was destined for success! Clean Bandit, now as a three-piece, perform in a bar with Anne-Marie and Sean Paul whilst the narrative shows a mother doing what she has to do to support her child in the "Rockabye" music video.

Clean Bandit are now a three-piece band consisting of Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, and Luke Patterson. Recently Neil Amin-Smith left the band but that doesn't stop Clean Bandit releasing killer hits. They are definitely one of the biggest bands out at the moment, with everyone watching to see what is next for them. They will always be a massive influence in music, there is no stopping Clean Bandit. Featuring on this track is Sean Paul, full name Sean Paul Henriques, and Anne-Marie, full name Anne-Marie Nicholson. The former has worked with some of the biggest stars, managing to help them reach number one, most notably with The Saturdays on "What About Us"; however, he's never had a solo number one yet. He is definitely one of the biggest reggae/hip-hop artists around at the moment. Anne-Marie isn't exactly new to the music industry, having built her career up from no chart placements to hitting number one with this song, talk about never giving up; you go, girl! This song was written by Jack Patterson, Steve Mac, Ammar Malik, Ina Wroldsen, and Sean Paul Henriques.

The music video is directed by Grace Chatto and Jack Patterson. It features a number of actors and dancers as well as a pole dancer. Dancers are Siriana Mecca, Rita Maria Conte, Nife agunbiade, Alicja Blachut, and Joanne Elizz. The young boy is played by Elijah Dallen.

In the video, there is both a narrative and a performance piece. The narrative focuses on single mothers, and how they end up being someone they never thought they would be to support their child.

The woman is a pole dancer, although she makes it look effortlessly sexy, turning it more into an art-form than that of what our perspectives of pole dancing are. She is a total expert.

Anne-Marie shines throughout in the performance piece, nothing we wouldn't expect because she manages to nail it every time in every music video. She was amazing at Birmingham Pride, when I saw her perform. Sean Paul adds some comedy as the pub punters lip-sync to his lyrics in his performance piece.

There's an amazing dance scene, with Grace Chatto proving her dance ability; totally in sync with the backing girls, it's nice to see her doing something different. She also took to the stage at Wembley at the Kiss Haunted House Party 2016 and danced her way through this song to massive cheers!

There's not much else to comment on, this video is jam-packed with a flawless performance piece and a stunning narrative that is endearing to watch. There is not one problem with this music video. It's completely beautiful with high emotion that makes an intended impact.
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