Nathan Sykes - Famous

13 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Finally, with the help of The X Factor, Nathan Sykes might have quite the hit on his hands. He seems to be trying to find his style, especially with the varying different singles he has released in anticipation of his debut album. He performed this song on The X Factor today, and it's been raking up the iTunes charts, which makes a change. It really shows how promotion can help to make a career. At first, the music video looks like it's set in the past, but we see that Nathan Sykes and Madison Iseman are acting. He's clearly interested, but she is already involved with the director. Momentous occasions happen, but it never goes anywhere with "Famous".

Nathan Sykes is best known for being one of five members of boy band The Wanted, who had extremely massive global success before their split. Since then, Nathan Sykes has been building his solo career. This marks his fourth single from his debut album. "Famous" is another emotional ballad that has some serious pop and blues vibes flowing through. It was written by Nathan Sykes, Harmony Samuels, Major Johnson Finley, Carmen Reece, and Edgar "JV" Etienne.

Directed by Ivanna Smyrnova, this narrative video really proves Nathan Sykes' ability to act, this isn't the first time he has managed to impress us; "Over and Over Again" is just as emotional and amazing.

In the video, Nathan Sykes is looking incredibly hot throughout. He is interested in his on-set love interest played by actress Madison Iseman. Unfortunately, she's with the director, which leaves Nathan Sykes lusting after her in all the visuals.

The concept is one that is completely relatable to a lot of people. We've all been there, wanting someone we can't have, having moments with that person but not going for it. There is an obvious attraction between the two, yet it never goes anywhere.

The performance side of things is engaging to an extent, Nathan Sykes looks dashingly handsome as he sings the catchy song. Much like his performance on The X Factor, it doesn't progress; just like the narration of the video.

Visually, this video is artistic, beautiful, gorgeous (in more ways than one), and engaging. The narration is flawless and easily relatable. However, the performance side of things is slightly lacking, regardless of the fact that it's high-quality and Nathan Sykes is looking handsome.
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