Dami Im - Fighting For Love

November 15, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After writing an article about this music video for CelebMix, I just have to write a more in-depth piece for my blog. I became a fan of her music as soon as she represented Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Her vocals are astonishing, especially in this club-like euro-pop track; unfortunately the song isn't doing that well on an international scale, although in Australia it's not doing too bad. I still believe she is a star in the making, and I cannot wait for a new album. In this video, Dami Im is "Fighting For Love" in a fashionable and emotional performance piece, whilst a choreography scene interprets the song into a contemporary dance segment.

Dami Im represented Australia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. She came second with "Sound Of Silence", just being beaten by the Ukraine entrant. She previously won The X Factor Australia in 2013. In anticipation of a possible new album, this song was released as a follow-up to "Sound of Silence". It's been well-received by the media, but promotion is key in Europe, and obviously Australia, since this single isn't fairing so well in her home country, but it is doing much worse in Europe. This song shows us the sort of music she's been working on and the direction she has taken. Clearly, she has been heavily influenced by Eurovision and Europe music, and she's ready to be an international star. This song was written by Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci.

The video is incredibly stylish, although reminiscent of "Sound of Silence" because of it being split between a performance piece and a dance scene. Although the former single is much more dark whereas this one is stylish and colourful.

Dami Im performs with her usual engagement vibes that capture the audience instantly. She looks completely stunning throughout in the three different outfits. The stylists have done a brilliant job on set, managing to capture Dami Im's beauty amongst the gorgeous clothes that are very current yet highly fashionable.

The dance scene interprets the song into relatable choreography that is pulled off flawlessly. The contemporary dance is lovingly emotional.

It has been edited well, flitting between the various scenes. But Dami Im totally shines throughout, which is to be expected since it is her music video. The dancers are a nice refresh from her performance piece.
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