New Release: Esho - Oye Hoye Jawaani

11 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Not the usual New Release, but feel free to look at the new releases for this week and direct me to an official music video, because as much as I want to review some of them, they just don't have videos annoyingly. And so, I turned to Twitter for help and I stumbled across this one. Indian dance pop music isn't really my thing, but my blog is a mix of everything. I'm not going to deny that this is quite catchy with it's pulsing beats and Esho's vocals. The music video for Esho's "Oye Hoye Jawaani" has a brilliant dance scene, sexy moves and a great performance piece.

Esho, also known as Divyansh Tripathi, is a singer and a producer. He composed this entire song all by himself, which is pretty impressive all by itself. This is his debut single, and infuses Indian music with EDM and dance with a pop twist. If anyone can bring Indian music to an international audience it's Esho. "Oye Hoye Jawaani" is going to be one of the unknown songs that you just want to hear again at some point. This song was written by Esho.

Directed by Rajesh Mandal, the music video has some serious pop vibes coming from it. It has a slight narrative with an all-right dance sequence that launches into an epic dance choreography performance piece.

There is only one female in this video, who is the central love interest. It's actually nice not to see girls clinging to a guy whilst his singing; this breath of fresh air totally brings some sassiness to this video. The love interest actress isn't known, but if you know her name feel free to comment below.

Throughout, Esho manages to perform with an air of confidence. He is made to be on stage. His dancing is relaxed, and the sequence in question is easy, yet flawlessly pulled off. Unfortunately he doesn't stay with the dancers, who continue on with a some brilliant choreography.

The music video doesn't have a narrative; it's slight if you count the interactions between Esho and his love interest, but nothing story-like forms. This is okay though because Esho makes up for this in his performance part of the whole video. It works well, but should be a bit more developed, and some camera shots aren't that great as well as the lighting, but as a debut music video, Esho has done well! I expect to hear more from him.
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