will.i.am - I Got It From My Mama

10 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Thursday, and so it's revisit time. I chose this one purely because I remember it being on the music channels and being surprised that this was will.i.am's breakout single after The Black Eyed Peas went on a hiatus. Whilst Fergie was releasing awesome hits, will.i.am came out with this, which still did moderately well globally. In this music video for "I Got It From My Mama", will.i.am is surrounded by girls on a beach, totally playing up and checking them out nonstop.

will.i.am, real name William Adams, is known as one of four members of The Black Eyed Peas. He launched his solo career as the group went on their first hiatus. At the time, female singer from the group, Fergie, also launched her solo career. It's clear The Black Eyed Peas were and still are incredible because both these solo careers hit it off. Surprisingly, this song did well, but it isn't until years later that will.i.am became a chart-topping success. This song peaked at number 31 in the US, and number 39 in the UK, amongst other global charts. Eight years later PSY ended up sampling the song for "Daddy". This song was written by William Adams, Jean-Luc Drion, and Dominique Régiacorte. Uncredited female vocals come from Kat Graham (who is probably best known, now, as Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries).

Directed by Bryan Barber, the music video starts off with will.i.am flipping through a magazine. That magazine is later folded closed to reveal a beach with many girls playing on the beach, whilst will.i.am is relaxing on a sun lounger. It's quite the creepy scene, but this is a music video after all.

The song is catchy regardless, and will.i.am is the only male on the beach in Brazil. There's not an awful lot going on, apart from will.i.am totally distracted and completely checking every girl out.

This pure performance piece is styled fantastically with great editing tricks throughout. However it's not that engaging, and I actually can't believe this was shown during the daytime on UK music channels. It may be suggestive at times, but when I first saw this, it totally went over my head. It failed to interest me because I've always been gay. However it does relate to the song, so even though I'm here slating it, if it were all hot guys on the beach it would be a different story. So... Taking that into account, I can see the video for what it is. Also, will.i.am's personality really shines in this.
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