Keke Palmer - Hands Free

12 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Zayday Williams from Scream Queens! Yes, that's right Keke Palmer is in Scream Queens, but I never knew she could sing, Very different from the character she plays on the show, she exudes confidence; you're fire girl! She's been in many films and TV series and has been attempting a musical career for many years. Keke Palmer stuns as an Ancient Egyptian empress in this music video for "Hands Free", overly confident but with a killer dance scene, watch out for her!

Keke Palmer, real name Lauren Keyana Palmer, is an actress and singer. Trying to do both isn't easy at all, and very rarely people make it big in both industries, yet Keke Palmer is proving that she can. I came across this thanks to YouTube suggestions and being a massive fan of Scream Queens totally would've brought me here eventually. Keke Palmer is certainly a star, she is hardworking and it clearly pays off. She's like the young version of Jennifer Lopez and I literally cannot wait to see what the future brings for her. This song was written by Sean Garrett and Blair Andre Atkinson.

This Ancient Egyptian music video was directed by Rosero McCoy. Keke Palmer talks about believing in yourself during a black and white radio interview before launching into colour with an air of arrogance, that totally gets backed up when she proves her worthiness of singing and dancing. This girl can move, no wonder she's an empress in the video. Confidence overload but in a good way.

There are three scenes in this music video, the first one sees her sitting on a chair being carried around. She makes it seem like this is part of her normal life, totally proving her brilliant acting ability.

The dance scene is incredible. The choreography relates to the song and is effortlessly pulled off by Keke Palmer, who is still wearing her confidence like she's Beyoncé; yet, although it can come across as arrogance at first, she backs it up, proving that this is what she's meant to be doing. She may not have had a hit single yet, but she's not going to give up. She's in sync with her backing dancers throughout.

Her sexy shower bathing segment in the same scene is a little too over the top, it's like they tried to sex it up even more, but it just doesn't work. Luckily the video transforms into the main performance piece.

Keke Palmer belongs on stage, this totally proves it with her dancing on point as she performs to the crowd. She reminds me of P!nk, when she first launched onto the music scene. Keke Palmer has huge potential, and those of you lucky enough to see her live in concert are definitely going to be in for a treat. This video is definitely a try-hard visual yet Keke Palmer's star potential works the entire thing and prevents this from being a complete disaster.
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