Louisa Johnson - So Good

November 06, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This dropped recently, and I just HAD to review it, especially after hearing it live at the Kiss Haunted House Party 2016. This full on party anthem was initially sung for the first time at the Kiss Haunted House Party 2016, where I captured the entire performance of the song. It was released the following day and then was performed on The X Factor, just last week. The song is her first solo effort since winning the contest, not counting the winner's single "Forever Young". Louisa Johnson goes out, it was only meant to be for an hour or two. A bar performance and a brawl all happen in this "So Good" music video.

Louisa Johnson won the twelfth series of The X Factor. She is known as the only winner never to hit the top two with her winning song; unfortunately, she got to number nine with "Forever Young". However, teaming up with Clean Bandit for song "Tears" was an amazing idea and once again pushed her into the limelight. This definitely helped to further her potential success. This song is completely catchy, it's party inspired but quite a slow ballad pop song that we can't get out of our heads! It was written by Steve Mac, Chelcee Grimes & Ed Drewett,

Directed by Emil Nava, a constant name we hear often in the directing of music videos. this was obviously going to be theatrical from the first few seconds.

Louisa Johnson performs in bed, clearly waking from a possible nap? Other scenes show her performing at an empty petrol station and a bar.

This bar is an important part of the music video. She steps onto the stage and sings the song. The bar is practically deserted apart from the drunken guys, one of who steps up to her and dances. This guy is shoved away by her crowd.

The girl group later go outside to beat up the men outside who are ranting at them. It would've been good if they had all cartwheeled forwards at the same time, but it's slightly out of sync. Louisa Johnson just stands in the middle and sings.

As a whole, it's an okay music video. It's clearly high-budgeted and has a similar feel to Alexandra Burke's "Bad Boys", yet it's trying to make Louisa Johnson way more classy. It incredibly theatrical, yet nothing to follow-up. The video does suit the song well, though.
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